How to know if someone is bluffing a bit (well alot)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by django_strikes, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. I originally posted this in one of the Castleshorrt threads, just before it got locked...beautiful timing.

    I think this is one where avid ARRSErs can assist me. Please move this if it needs to be placed elsewhere.

    A guy who I was at Sandhurst with (in fact one of my best mates) has got married - nothing strange in that I hear you say.

    He got married in uniform. Again nothing too odd. (I know this from the wedding photos popping up all over - shudders - facebook).

    BUT, my last conversations with him (nearly a year ago), had him telling me he got out of the Army a few years after commissioning (in fact 4 years after and that was a few years ago), but having done some stuff for them since (database formulation and some work for recruiting). He also implied that it was "complicated" and he couldn't really go into it. he was always a bit of a bluffer, in a harmless and friendly way at Sandbags, but the possibility that he is now REALLY bluffing annoys me.

    I have checked the London Gazette (surely not the b-all and end-all) and he was moved to Regular board of Reserves the year he left the army - as a Lieutenant. Apart from his commission and prom from 2Lt to Lt, there are no other gazeete entries (i.e. nothing to Captain, nothing about TA commissions).

    He is in uniform at his wedding as a Major - which as a non-grad he could only have just achieved.

    Can anyone help me with this conundrum - I don't think he is TA, he obviously wouldn't promote on the board of reserves (and there is no list of him doing so at any rate), so is he bluffing his case?

    He was a bit of a bluffer, but I would not have put him in this league (or more correctly, potential league - it may be kosher).


    Needless to say, PM me and I can give some more info if required, but a surefire way of checking (I can't contact him, less for the evil facebook) would be good.
  2. In the grand scheme of things.......does it matter?

    I told bints that I was a dolphin trainer, and I never was :)
  3. Have you considered asking him why he's wearing the rank?
  4. I have asked, by the only means open to me (facebook PM) - no response as yet.

    And I think it does matter - he "retired" 6 years ago, as a Lt and has got married in blues as a major.

    Is it as bad as the walts who were never where their medals claim, or some of the others, no, but it rankles with me, so I wondered how to find out what he's up to if he doesn't answer my email - he is a mate and I don't want to get all affronted if there is good reason!! Postings, serious illness (on my part) and other factors (my wife washed my mobile...) have meant I can't just ring him up and shoot the shit, casually dropping in "oh you looked great dressed as a major at your wedding. When did you re-enlist?"
  5. Why don't you "comment" on the photo in question? Just put "you were never a Major, you big girly bluffer" so everyone knows
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  6. I am so ashamed...I am not now and have never been the vet who looks after the baby snow tigers at Edinburgh zoo. The picture of them on my mobile phone is, in retrospect, an obvious fake and could really only have fooled some drunken sales rep from Coventry who had had rather too much Christmas cheer.

    When I think of the real baby-snow-tiger-vets out there doing their wonderful work on baby snow tigers, I feel really very humble and not a little bit ashamed. Particularly when I think that I used my masquerade as a baby snow tiger vet to put my XXX into her XXX, whilest XXX her XXX and using two XXX and a toy XXX to XXX her XXX.

    I hope that baby snow tiger vets everywhere and drunk sales reps will accept my apology. I meant no harm to baby snow tiger vets or sales reps. Well a little to drunken sales reps but frankly the dirty scutter had it coming - which statement I hope in no way devalues my sincere apology.

    To be honest I don't know why I bigged myself up as a baby snow tiger vet. A quick scan at my records would show that I am in fact a baby rhino vet at Longleat, which ought to be something to be proud of in itself.

    (Next week: Cuddles apologises to baby rhino vets at Longleat, live from Oscar's...)
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    For your honesty, you can borrow my Erwin Rommel replica dress uniform while I am on holiday if you like.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's his wedding he can wear whatever the fuck he likes.

    I never served as a Obersturenfuher in the SS but it didn't stop me dolling up for my big day.

    And very smart I think I looked too.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its wehrmacht not SS.
    Is that a mountain division edelweis, or the order of the leprechaun? :D
  10. Admit it, that's you on the left isn't it?
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Spotter! :D
  12. White really is your colour.
  13. If he really was a friend you could just ask him; if he isn't why would you care? You wanted to marry him yourself didn't you?

    Then expose him as an impostor anonymously, his missus will leave him for the shame of it, and you can nip in there with your bucket of goose fat and jubilee clip set, happy ever after.
  14. What sort of a walt do you take me for? I'm a leading edge endangered species conservation fake professional walt...not some twopenny hapenny Nazi wannabe. Oh sorry, did you say Erwin Rommel? I meant of course twopenny hapenny on-the-truck, off-the-truck couldn't make his mind up whether he was in Valkyrie or not, much good it did him in the end Nazi wannabe.
  15. As long as waltery hurts nobody, whats the problem? I wear both HERRICK and TELIC medals sometimes and have never left Scotland. If I'm at a Do with people who do not know me, I'll sometimes wear a minor Gallantry medal to pull the chicks and get free drinks.