How to kill and get away with it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by in_the_cheapseats, May 26, 2009.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  2. I was advised many years ago, the best way to commit murder was to get the victim sh!tfaced drunk, until they passed out.

    Then stick a pan of oil on the stove, as if they were making chips.

    And vacate the premises.
  3. Assume you want to start a rant going over the 'light sentence' the driver got?

    Sure its sh!t. but.. the system can only respond to the charges laid.

    Problem wasn't with the court but the prosecution which didn't lay a more serious charge or demand.

    Slacker in an office somewhere made an' error' in judgment' as to what charge to lay.

    Should have been 'vehicular manslaughter' or something equivalent, but, then again, the investigation of the case by the police may have left them no alternative as to what statute to prosecute under.

    bottom line, young folks are killed and driver gets off lightly..
  4. I remember the times I used to roll fags whilst steering with my knees, or drive though town letching at the totty strolling by. I've nodded off on a 12 hour BAOR convoy as well as being behind the wheel of a 14 tonner on a active edge rather the worst for wear.

    I've never had a accident, more luck than judgement though.

    There but for the grace of god.......

    My condolences to the Bereaved.
  5. Why should he get a bigger sentance though? It wasn't as if he planned to kill anyone, and most people who crash through careless driving will end up getting three points and a fine that covers the cost of the lamp post they smashed into. I see no difference in the act causing the crash, so why should the punisment reflect the result and not the act?
  6. Nail on the head there I'm afraid.

    The bloke lost his license for 6 months, which for most people means his job. Not a nice thing to live with either.

    Sometimes everybody is a victim and everybody looses
  7. It sounds to me like it could have happened to any of us. Who hasn't fallen asleep at the wheel for a moment or lost concentration or been distracted or reached for something and swerved or gone around a blind corner a little bit fast?

    The guy didn't set out intending to kill anyone. He wasn't drunk, or racing, or even chatting on a mobile phone. It was an accident (such things do exist) which he - like the families of the occupants of the other car - will live with and have to deal with for the rest of his life.
  8. That's the point, though: he HAS a life. His victims, by defination, do not. :evil:
  9. That's completely illogical. You can't punish the guy for surviving.
  10. I find using the words 'In was my honest belief' after ive murdered someone. Sometimes it doesnt wash at first but after the feds look into the old dears' history they soon change their minds. They keep their money under the bed you know!
  11. The accused just missed a potential 5 year jail sentence by a month (though the maximum of any criminal sentence is rarely handed out):

    Prior to this the driving had to be "dangerous", not "careless" in order to include any resulting deaths in the prosecution, which was (and is) more difficult to prove.
  12. Might explain away a number of fatal 'chip-pan' fires involving Belfast drunks in the late 80's/early 90's.

    I thought they were just stupid Micks. Transpires that you may be a mass murder. The 'Belfast Chip Pan Killer'? Doesn't quite have the same terror striking effect as 'The Shankhill Butchers' or 'The Armagh Four', but I'm sure it'll boost the sales of McCain's Micro chips, I suppose.
  13. I hope his phone contract was nearly up cos I bet the phone was fucked!
  14. B_AB, I have an alibi.

    And witnesses.

    What dates was it?

    You'll never take me alive, copper.
  15. He's OK. You'll find his expenses claim includes puchasing a major shareholding in BT, so he can get a new phone, essential to his parliamentary duties............nothng like a bit of Operation Overkill :wink: