How to kill a tree

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Steven, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. And make it look natural?

    No axes/saws/explosives please.

    Thought of cutting the bark off all the way round but apart from chewing it off myself I can't think of a way to make it look like it was chomped by some beasty.

    Background for those that care, there are a number of Black Willow trees at the end of my garden which belong to the neighbours and they are a right pain so they need to go.

    I can't just chop the things down so need a way to kill them off so they fall over in the next high winds.

    Any ideas?
  2. Drive a copper nail into the trunk. If you don't want anyone to know how the tree died make sure the nail goes in far enough not to be found.
  3. Drill a bore hole at a descending angle deep enough to reach tree's core and fill with Jeye's fluid.
  4. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    As above, but with proper creosote.

    Or go find a load of muntjac and get them to eat the bark.
  5. Forestry commission use 'Roundup' weed killer.
  6. Have heard about copper nails before but it seems I would need a large number of big nails hammered in around the tree to actually work, this is not a little sapling but a fully grown tree, so that is probably a bit obvious.

    Jeyes fluid sounds pretty good but no idea what it would be called or even if it is available here in the vaterland..

    Edited to add
    Roundup I can get, so how much is needed then? Are we talking buckets full?
  7. You are legally entitled to prune (back to the fence line) those parts of a neighbouring tree that overhang your property without informing or seeking consent of the owner. However, you should offer the trimmings to the owner of the tree (failure to do this would be considered theft) This may be (legally) preferable to killing the trees bearing in mind also that if your local authority has been as active as mine then many mature trees will have a Tree Preservation Order on them. Unfortunately, enquiring if they have a TPO will probably ensure that if they haven't they soon will.
  8. Laws here are slightly different but that doesn't matter as I don't want them pruned I want them gone.
  9. Copper nails - does the job a treat. Hammer them in with a nail punch. Water drains out & tree dies
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to the neighbours?
  11. Tried that but as this was already fully grown when I moved in they are perfectly within their rights to leave it/them growing there, I have no complaints about the legality of the situation, know that I have no grounds to complain and realise I should just live with them.

    I still want the things dead and fallen in the lake.!
  12. Agreed, these things can be easily solved with a friendly chat.

    Also check with your council on what your options are. As stated if the tree overhangs into your property you are legally entitled to trim it back to the boundary line. Also im certain that if the tree is on the boundary line it is thus jointly owned in the eyes of the law so you can cut trim it down, but i am not sure about actually removal.

    If those options fail, then i have heard tale of using a plactic pipe with one end cut to a point and used at the base of the tree to take a core of soil out right down to the roots. All matters of nastyness could be put, or poured, down there. Such as the concentrate of strong weedkillers (ones specifically for killing brambles and tree stumps) or Jeyes fluid. Hell, even diesel if one wanted to poison the surrounding soil for a few years. Pour soil back into the hole and no trace of foul deed left behind.
  13. 10mm drill bit fill hole with roundup to the top, don't have to go too deep, the living bit is just under the bark, all the rest is dead and just holds the tree up.
  14. Depending on the lean of the tree, all you would have to do is make a reasonable back cut in the tree and wait for the wind to do the rest, don't hang about though as it may "barber chair" on you. Black willow will snap out easily. If the trees lean is towards your property then don't do it. If that isn't do-able, then wait till they go away their holidays for a couple of weeks and pay a couple of transient types hard cash to dismantle them (pay after the job is jobbed).
  15. Totally totally wrong approach....... your job is to facilitate not conflict with... I have consulted the I ching... convince the neighbour that these willow trees, being mature and the correct type are wanted by a specialist cricket bat manufacturer.. get a stooge to come round and say to them "I coulnt help noticing these fine trees etc" convince them a premium price would be paid for the timber etc just make them think that they would be paying too much for the chap to cut them down.. the neighbor will cut them down (or have them cut down ) themselves.. contact number goes dead once timber is offered.. hey presto mission accomplished.
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