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how to keep an idiot in suspense

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Just come off the phone to my troop staffy , convo was about some training , just before I put phone down he says "Oh I need to see you next week"

    Me "Why ?"

    Him " I just need to see you about something"


    I hate that , and you can bet a cup of naafi tea that its either not important or forgotton by next week

  2. sorry, him not you. I hate suspense its so........................................
  3. Well I,m sat here waiting!!!!!
  4. feel free to end that sentence yourself

    I suggest : frustrating, or annoying, or just plain sh1t?
  5. I've actually worked out what is without doubt, the best way to keep an eejut in suspence.
  6.'m not gonna, I won't ask...............gnnnnnn no!......................ahhhhhh


  7. Its easy.
  8. No, I'm not gonna ................ARGGGGHGHGHGHGHGHGGGGG BOLL*X
  9. Well finally found out what the mystery was

    I was in line for a bollocking


    serves me right really , should really watch who's around when I slag people off

    hey ho !
  10. so anyway, there I was, naked, just about to step into the steamy hot bubble bath when............
  11. I saw from the reflection in the mirror that not only was I a fat slapper with a moustache that would not look out of place on an Iraqi MP, but my thong had now completely vanished.

    The man from Del Monte also says no.
  12. Hope it wasn't a Harry special :lol: :lol:

    Glad to see nothing changes :(
  13. From the Prime Minister's interview on Jeremy Vine programme Radio 2 Friday:

    Vine: Leaflets - bureaucratic bungle - soldiers serving in Iraq deprived of the vote - what went wrong? ...

    Vine: Will you make sure they will be able to vote?

    Mr Blair: "Let me look into it... Of course we will make sure they can vote... Of course we will sort it out... We will make sure it is properly sorted".