How to join the Army

As a young lad or lass nowadays, you can go to our local college and do an Army preparation course.

Army Preparation Courses
Course Overview

This exciting thirteen week programme has been specifically designed for young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the Army.
SCQF Level 5
Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements are sought although there are certain conditions which may defer entry to the Army and must be discussed with the individual at time of interview. Applicants must possess a keen interest in joining the Army.

Thirteen Weeks Full-Time.
What You Will Study

* Land Navigation
* First Aid
* Core Skills
* Fitness Training Activities
* Health and Safety
* Event Management
* Residential Week

Plus they pay them £58 per week to attend, and the Army takes them at the end of it. Nice if you fancy that type of thing.
Where's the section on how to drink like a fish and swear like a trooper? and how come the ' official ' army T-shirt comes with the warning ' size and colour may vary'? aren't army T-shirts all the same? [ maybe some lucky few get the ones in the special Hereford Boathouse/SAS colour...]
I always love it when people are given the oportunity to practice tests to get a better score :roll:

They get to study the test, get 100% and selected as an avanced nuclear brainsurgeon 8O

Obviously until they start the trade course and realise they don't know their arrse from their elbow :cry:

Still I suppose they'd have a glittering career as an officer :twisted:
When I sat my entrance exam, the question paper was marked with a small dot on each question. I tried to ignore this and answer myself, but realised that every one had the correct answer. Naturally, I scored 100% and look where it got me!!! 8O :lol:
NAP6W said:
* Event Management
Wtf as this got to do with soldiering? Apart for running a mess dinner night
Who knows, but if the course increases the number of Jocks that join, who gives a toss.

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