How to join 16aa

Depends on cap badge. Why 16AA in particular? Bit of an odd question!
Not sure if it's still the same but as a loggie you can express an interest in going to the para Sqn when selecting your trade. I know in my day they then came and took you for a thrashing to see if you were suitable to go on the beat up course prior to doing P-coy.
If you go RLC show an interest in a posting to 13 Air Assault and get it down on your Posting Preferences at the end of Phase 1 and at Leconsfield.

I was posted with the Workshop and when our Craftsmen came from Phase 2 they had all shown interest on their Posting preferences, most of them wanted to do P company at some stage of their first posting. However we didn't used to let them do the Beat up and P Company in majority of cases until at least a year with us as we didn't want them to (career)trade foul them selves ...but they used that time wisely to work on the fitness and did extra SF fitness with the Para trained lads already in the meant that majority of those interested in P Coy went on to pass well.

RLC wise a lot of the lads went into 63 Sqn and went onto do P Coy but there were lots in all the Squadrons ...been a fair while since I was there though but as Boxy says get in the Army first, put your preferences in and hopefully you will get it......remember though even when you do p Coy you will still get shit off the Para Regt guys.
Thanks for the post iron, yeah ill take that all that advice and use any time as a grace to get fitter, i guess if i do well enough in basic and in trade the will look on my preference with a better light. Haha who doesn't get shit from the para regt blokes, being called a hat for a year or so will be okay as long as i get my shot at pcoy lol . Cheers again

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When the woman from the NRC called to say id passed, i said i was unsure which of my job choices i wanted, so she gave me the date for the RLC (28th July) and said take a day or so to make s definite decision. Im still completely unsure which to pick, but im steering to RLC because it would land me with a bit more variety of qualifications when i eventually leave the army (providing i actually get in and do well) lol

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