How to input LSA Qualifying date on JPA/Oracle. Anyone know?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hullboy, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there knows how to do this? Everytime I go away, instead of recieving LSA days and money, I LOSE them both. My HR have put my date in 3 times to no avail. They have again since tried in order to stop yet even more cash coming off me as a GPD but the window is now protected stopping them from putting my qual date in. No-one in my HR office know how to put my date back in as a result. I am now about to lose another 100 days plus the cash. Can anyone please help. JPAC have sloped shoulders saying they cant do it.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I suppose the answer is via Move and Track on JPA, but I would imagine your Cbt HR Spec's are doing this when they book you out :?
  3. try in terminations manager
  4. Yeah they track and move me but then it takes the days and money instead of crediting. They can get the screen up for my date, but the field is protected therefore not allowing them to input a date.
  5. Simple put a tiger team query in they will fix in an instance :D
  6. Asked for that earlier today, but was told since as the Tiger Team visiting the Regt next month may as well wait till then. Not really the answer I was looking for really.
  7. Anyone know if there is any truth in the fact that units cannot directly contact the Tiger Team, and actually have to go through Bde, Div etc? I well and truly getting fobbed off now and due to go away again. I dont really wanna go away so that I can get my wages reduced again.

    Any tiger team on here able to help?
  8. Units cannot go direct to the tiger team as you have been told, we have to go through SPS branch for them to "add value"!!

  9. Is there still a 'minimum time away' for LSA? Like the old Ten days out of camp malarkey?
  10. Check PMs pse PW. :roll:
  11. Yep, 10 days.
  12. Why not raise an I Support instead of a Tiger Team query, or a Vantage?
  13. Raised to I supports 14,5 & 3 months ago. Didnt work. Think it has been sorted now to thanks to a fellow ARRSE member
  14. nights
  15. Ok, Nights lol