How to increase surfing speeds

I am looking to increase the speed at which I can access t'internet, download etc. I am about as far from my local exchange as I can get and still get broadband, the best I can hope for is a speed of 512 mbps, with a recent test showing a heady 320mbps. I was looking at 'Onspeed' as a data compression programme to speed some aspects up. Short of moving closer to an exchange what are my options?
To start with I think you have you Mb/s and Kb/s second mixed up.

you were probably quoted of having 512Kb/s which is in effect 1/2 Mb/s

512 is fine for surfing the web,

when I lived in my last house that is all i had and I had 3 comps and a Xbox online admittedly if all were on at the same time then the xbox would sometimes lag a little.

I would do any large downloads overnight.

As to onspeed I couldn't give you any recommendations
Moving closer to your exchange is the only practical thing you can do. Nothing else will work irrespective of any claims. Either that or signing up for a service like Virgin cable internet if it's available in your area.

512kb (Kilobits) isn't the fastest but its by no means slow. Just make sure you are getting that actual speed. Quoted ADSL speeds are very rarely the same as the actual speed you get, regardless of how close you are.
Just being with Virgin doesn't mean faster speeds it all depends how many users are on the service at the D/P as this does slow things down on that front
brettarider said:
Just being with Virgin doesn't mean faster speeds it all depends how many users are on the service at the D/P as this does slow things down on that front
Distance from the exchange will not be a factor though thanks to the delivery technology, which is this guys problem. Contention affects all internet connections no matter what form of delivery it uses.
Don't bother with those programs that claim to double or triple or quadruple you internet speeds. They are largely rubbish.

That said, download managers can be very useful because they help to maximize download speeds by opening multiple connections to the server (breaks a large file into several chunks and download the chunks simultaneously). They will also allow to to resume you downloads later should it be interrupted.

The one I use is DownThemAll. It integrates very well into firefox and I have had no problems with it.
as brettarider said if our with virgin, they live in a land of claims. the reality of their claims is the fact you will be lucky to get 30-40% of what they claim.

It would be advisable to use a couple of speed checkers, so at least you can gauge an average (some add a bit of VAT to make the numbers look a little bigger) However depending on where you are the majority of services will come via BT ( probably 60-70%) and depending on how far you are from an exchange will also have an impact on the speed you will get (the further away) more noise/interference lesser of a service.

Depending on the type of service you are after some services offered (depending on the host) may vary, when i say host for example the gaming firm hosting games may also have some limitations (so look at all options)

also check the times when you do the download tests (the network will be busier between 8-9am through to 6pm) so you may get some false readings (check when your about if you play games)

some peer to peer applications (eg kazaa, morpheus) get the least amount of data space allocated to them (thats the service providers for you) but the likes of normal HTTP (normal surfing) and Email should get the lions share

Services are improving with technology however there is also trade off's. Consider buying a better router modem (some of the free ones with a package) are ok for a while but slowly after 6-12 months they do loose there luster

hope this helps

cheers :D
Try logging on toThink Broadband there is a link on there for speed check!

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