How to improve health?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by drilller, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. Right as we all know the children of today are becoming over weight.
    (fat feckers)
    I'm currently on a child care course, it is a part of said course to carry out a project.

    For my project I have choosen to develop a educational product for children between 5 and 12 years of age. All i'm looking for is some thoughts on what you think would help for this age range.

    However, it must be practical and cost effective.

    with hope
  2. A hammer....this can serve two purposes.

    1) It will improve fitness; for each time they are naughty you destroy one of their computer games, thus giving them less choice (top tip: destroy their favourite first) - (for particularly disobedient kids and repeat offenders it may be wise to destroy the problem at it's source....take out the TV) turn they will have no choice but to head outside and take up a new hobby - possibly drinking in the park or crack, but hey...atleast they're getting outside and walking to their nearest dealer..

    2) If they still refuse exercise, or to stop eating junk food....bash 'em and be proud that you are preventing anti social behaviour and obesity in one fell swoop.
  3. I like these ideas, but there is one slight problem.

    they need to be able to be made in to a video or booklet.

    the kind of thing i'm looking for is@
    Extra info on fitness. (Expand)
    What to eat (expand)

    these kind of things, however the question was.

    What do you think would help in schools?

    (honest it was in the origenel post but it was hidden)

  4. Just make sure you wear that covert body-armour yeah ? Walt.