how to go about signing off!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by killergibbo, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. am signing off this year on july 22nd.iv spoken to my troop leader aswell as telling my troop sgt and sgt major about me leaving and that its 100%

    now am going to canada tomorrs morning for 3 months with the regiment but 4 weeks ago i told my troop leader i need to have the interviews i need so i can sign off i.e troop sgt,troop leaders,ssm,oc

    but i have yet to even have my tp sgt's interview,thing is i hear if you just sign off on jpa people get very arsey..

    also i dont want to leave my signing of date any longer then what it is now but because we r going canada we wont be back till end of july and then the reg has 4 weeks of leave so its going to be about end of august time that ill get a interview!!

    where do i stand because its not like i aint said anything so should i remind them and if nothing done should i just sign off on jpa.....

    any info would be great guys cheers
  2. Just be firm and insist on an interview.. if they try to delay it then just sign off. What they gonna do? Not promote you?

    If you've made up your mind to leave your priority has to be sorting your life out for civvy street. If they want to persuade you to stay then the interview is an ideal time to convince you to stay in. If they are going to fart you round and delay the inevitable hoping that you'll just change your mind then its just bad leadership.
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  3. I think the fact your unit is off to BATUS for the next few months answers your question somewhat, what with Easter leave then the move to BATUS maybe they are to busy for your interviews at the minute, needs of the service coming first and all that.

    Not the answer you'd want but you can see why they get "arsey" with people siging off.
  4. i understand what ya saying but i gave them enough time in advance to get these interviews sorted and my tp leader said he would before going to canada but seems like i was getting mugged off.....
  5. Log on JPA and click on 'Terminate Service' you then submit the date you want your notice to start (22 Jul in your case) and then proceed with the JPA submission process (you haven't applied to Terminate Service until you hit submit, there are some questions before you get to the submit page on JPA).

    Once you have submitted then you have the interviews, if you've been told the other way round then you've been misinformed.

    Speak to your RAO for clarity.

  6. Totally agree. Sign off on JPA and then go through the interview process. The only reason why some units are currently interviewing first is that once you have submitted it then there is - currently - no turning back and you will be on your way out of the Army. Previously, when we had fewer people, you could withdraw your NTT up until your discharge date.

  7. I agree with IVV, a sensible post for a change.

    Be prepared to get d!cked around, though, there are a lot of petty minded individuals in the CoC who dislike the 'lack' of ambition shown by people who see their future as somewhere other than in green.
  8. Exactamundo. I've been accused as having a lack of ambition for wanting to leave the Forces at my 22 year point. The usual response when I tell my CoC my long term plans is "you've got to leave your options open". As if 22 years isn't enough!! :x :x
  9. cheers for the replys guys

    one more question...iv been told today that u have to have the interviews because they need to check to see if u got any deployments coming up well my regiment dont deploy till april next year so i dont think ill be counted into that,the reason for this is because "so ive been told" is because people have been told they got to go somewhere like a tour or something then they have turned around and said no iv signed off and the regiment didnt know about it lol.......that was what i got told but it sounds like another silly reply to a question asked by myself....

    i know its my legal right to sign off on the day jpa states....but it done seem to be the regiments legal way lol

    so the best thing to do is hit the sign off button and await to be called forward into the CMO's office
  10. I did 24yrs service and still got messed about when i wanted to leave, I had no support, the RAO who just fobbed me off As for my boss he was straight on the phone to APC about my replacement when i said i wanted to leave , if you want to leave just log on to JPA and go.
  11. Another possible theory as to why you're being ignored/messed about is that they want you to go to BATUS and have an awesome time in the hope that you might change your mind and decide to soldier on. Either way, it's your life and your career. If you're hell bent on signing off, just do it. Click of a mouse.
  12. Log on to JPA and sign off, get your interviews and only then discuss the options. If they have a good enough reason to hold you in a bit longer, very rare, they can discuss it at an interview.

    I delayed my termination date with 9/12th to cover Telic, they were short of people, I said I would extend if I didn't get fooked about by anyone, I also threatened to sign back on if they did! :D

    The process can work both ways; if you all of a sudden need to leave earlier for a genuine reason there are mechanisms in place to speed your exit.

    What you got planned when you're out? Good luck!
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Good luck, because in the current Army manning climate, once you have hit the button the chances of being able to withdraw your notice are pretty much zero:
  14. iv been told to sign off in 2 different ways now lol....been told that i need to have all my interviews first because like some people have said here once you sign off on jpa you cant sign back on so they want people to have there interviews first....but that aint going to happen intill the date i can sign off 22nd july and maybe it will get dragged out longer..i want to sign off on the 22nd july and thats what am going to do am sticking to my guns and my rights state that i can give a years notice on this date shit bust....maybe ill get dutys because of the way iv gone about things but ill have a year left and that will soon go by.

    once am out i want to give my wife a shot at something she wants to do with her life,iv had mine and i think its only fair she has her's
    i want to start working in either the prison service or fire but it might be quite hard to get those jobs at the moment who knows......
  15. Remember you can forgo the 12 month notice period now, and ask for ether a 3 or 9 month notice.