how to get to 'Gunner observation post assistant'

so basically I'm looking to be an ops assistant and I've been told the best way to get there was through doing other jobs such as UAV operator, which I want to have as my first choice, but I'm struggling to find other jobs that could lead to the same outcome to have as a secondary choice. I scored 64 in my Barb and have some good qualifications so I have quite a lot of jobs available to me.

any advice would be greatly appreciated,

If you want to be an OP you will need to go to a gun regiment or 4/73 bty.Dunno who has told you to go UAV first but I belive they may be abit confused.Go to a gun regiment do some time on the guns or cps and then ask to go on the OPs and if your btys TAC group like the look of you your squared fella.
At your stage all you do is put a preference in for RA Gunner and during interviews mention what your ambitions are within the RA. If RA is selected as your job choice at ADSC and your allocated a Phase 1 place then during your time their you will get to see SPSO RA where you can express your interest, now once at Larkhill on Phase 2 Gunnery side they will then assess your abilities. Anyone who score under 45 on the BARB can only go a few trades like AS90, Logistics, light gun but those over 46 can be looked at for all different trades..........there may be some on here who work at Phase 2 who may shed a bit more light on things after Phase 1.
well it helps to be guns or cps first but no mandatory we have lads straight from phase 2 and I spent four years as a UAV operator before going on the OPs.Depends on what your regiment needs and if there are places in the TAC group and if the TAC group likes the look of you as much as it is you wanting to be an OP

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