How to get to Catterick from Manchester airport

Hi all.
Could anyone out there tell me the best way to get to Catterick from Heathrow or perhaps Manchester airport.

Is there a train that goes to, or passes, the Garrison and how long it would take to get there?

I'm trying to skip all the bureaucratic 'bull' in getting the info from my end of things who, obviously, would then have to get the info from other sources.

I'd really appreciate the help as I'm in a bit of a 'Grey' area at the moment.

It's my eldest son's first holy communion on the day I'm supposed to leave Malta for the course (11 May and the course starts on the 12th May) and I need to know if it is viable for me to leave after the Holy communion. Latest flight is at 1800 HRS from Malta on the 11th May (which I believe is a bit too close for comfort, what with having to sort myself out, settle down and all that considering the following day my course starts.)

Thanks in advance


Transfer from Heathrow and across London will be horrible. Probably better going to Manchester.

Roughly Hourly service. £53 return.
Journey time 3hrs twenty mins including transfer to Garrison Bus.
Thanks a million EX STAB. Really appreciate that info and the link. Gives me something to go on.

Regards mate

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