How to get rid of the disabling component

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ExSoup, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Call em what you what enabling capability, etc...

    but in terms of trade/(army?) skills they are incapable. In terms of civilian employment they are outdated and near unemployable in today's market.

    So what has been tried....

    In Sigs we've more than halved the number of units but somehow that strengthened the disabling component.... the enabling component also survived but their rules, jobsworths, etc have also managed to become a disabling component (i.e. a short 30 mile journey in a truck .... I'd estimate at costing over £200 in post journey admin).

    As for 'enabling component' in trade.... their skills are stuck in the 70's (80's if ur luckcy). Their hold on training has decimated the Sgts mess with many modern IT people just giving up in despair at monged the training has become, which reinforces the disabling component....

    PSI's turn up speak to the disabling component (normal TA have jobs so tend to be absent Mon-Fri) and think the TA is bunch of low level IT mongs .... and heh presto we've descended back another layer of capability (training objectives has be changed to producing Enhanced Mongs).

    Next someone will post the storey X Coy/Sqn, a special joint TA/regular unit that in the space of two years has become non-operational on a piece of kit that takes around 3x40mins to teach ?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Do you want to try and re-write that in English?
  3. I'm glad you said that, I am reasonably intelligent but after several re-reads I had no real
    idea what he was getting at.
  4. I think someone is not happy??
  5. Is it about the RAF?
  6. I think he is on about mess dinosaurs who, due to been very old or medically downgraded, are not able to be promoted. However whilst they were once seen as enablers they really have nothing to offer in the modern army.
  7. Its a post from a whining Scaley.

    Great, just what we need. Most likely from Signaller, methinks.
  8. Too right, thats my job
  9. So, am I getting this right......"disabling component" is just another word for "shit squaddie"?
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    I thought the disabling component was an "off switch"