How to get rid of pressure blisters?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hasher, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    grateful for advice please. In preparation for CFT Chilwell as part of mobilisation, I started running in (well worn-in) boots and 25 kg in bergen.

    Just done 6 miles and am crippled with blisters behind the big, first and second otes on each foot, just behind the toes on the flat of the foot next to the ball of the big foot.

    How did they get there, what do i do about them right now, and how can i stop them re-occurring and what can i do about continuing training, with my CFT just 3 weeks away?

    Grateful for serious advice on this unexpected and unforeseen setback.

    Many thanks :cry:
  2. sorry I meant ball of the big toe.
  3. Right now you'd probably be best either leaving them or if they've burst possibly getting some compeed from Boots or somewhere similar.

    They'll probably be sore for a few days but they shouldn't stop you training for long.

    As for not getting them again, you could try zincoxide tape, but might be in a bit of an awkward postion. You could also try wearing a tight pair of sports socks under you issued socks.

    Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs, but these are the only thing's i do
  4. Chop your foot off

    Hope this helps :D
  5. Running with that much weight radically raises your centre of balance and makes you lean slightly forward while running to counter this. That's why you got the blisters there.

    The good part is that you now know about it and thus know where to tape up. Tape from front to back along the length of your foot, and not across. Take the tape well forward onto your toes, but try and avoid sticking any between them, if you can

    Anyway, they should be well healed by the time you do your CFT.

  6. HI Bugsy,

    thanks for this helpful response. I was indeed leaning well forward which explains why the blisters are there.

    But now that the damage is done, what good will taping up do, and what do I tapoe up with, and how will that reduce the effect of leaning forward - surely the blisters wil come back again once I start pounding round again?

  7. Hasher,

    You need zinc-oxide tape. The 25 mm stuff from Boots is the dog's danglies, unless you can blag some off the MO.

    Carefully apply it in strips along the length of your foot, taking great care not to overlap it, so it forms one smooth surface. I always use two layers, just to be sure, but if that feels too thick for you, then leave it at one. You should also be looking at your insoles.

    The tape prevents the layers of your skin from being pulled back and forth against each other - that's what causes blisters in the first place. I'd also recommend that you tape the whole of your sole and right back up to above your heels. You don't know what sort of surface you'll be running on, so you want to be prepared for any slight gradients, track cambers etc, which will put your weight on a different part of your foot.

    Best of luck, mucker.

  8. Bugsy,

    thanks for this - Boots tomorrow it is.

    Any point in buying these blue jelly sole inserts that apperently are supposed to act as shock absorbers?

  9. You could always buy a tub of Manthefuckup, I think it comes in 25ml jars :wink:
  10. Hasher,

    With those blue-jelly thingies. I'm a confirmed Sorbothane man myself, so I've no experience with them. However, you've still got loads of time until your CFT, so why not give them a cabby? If they're no good, you can always go back to your old ones.

    The thing is, Hasher, that remaining blister-free on tabs isn't an exact science. What works, say, for me could very well cripple you inside about ten miles, and, of course, vice versa.

    Apart from stuff that works for just about everybody, i.e. taping up, I'm afraid it's very much a question of "suck it and see". Or trial and error, as the judge used to say to me.

  11. One thing you might try is putting on some Tincture of Benzoin on the area before taping. It toughens the skin and also helps the tape stick. It can be obtained as a liquid or as an aerosol spray. Worked for me, hope it works for you. Good Luck!
  12. Make sure you have good socks - new issue socks are great. Powder your feet, make sure your boots are laced uniformly and not too tight. Do more tabbing as it will harden up your feet. If you get blisters run a needle through them from the side, going through both sides and squeeze out the fluid. Then cover them in zinc oxide and tab again!
  13. Good advice, apart from the last bit. NEVER stick zinc-oxide tape (or any other tape for that matter) directly onto blisters!

    Go to a chemists and buy 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches) burn pads. They're in sterile packs and you can cut them to size to fit the blister. These you can tape in place and they'll press the skin back down onto the dermis to re-bond. They also won't tear the whole blister off when you remove them.

  14. msr

    msr LE

  15. My OH is a nurse (base not RAMC) and she always recommends a product called mepore (LINKY) for blisters. It is a breathable non adherent dressing with self adhesive edges, comes in small sizes (4 cm x 4cm she thinks is smallest) and contains slight padding and won't stick to wound.

    Also mentioned to use baby powder (no scent and slight disinfectant) and always make sure needle is sterile & disinfected before use.

    Good luck mate