How to get recommended 4 Promotion in NI

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Onko, May 20, 2003.

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  1. It seems there are certain things that you have to do to get recommended for promotion in Northern Ireland.

    1.      Have sex with the Unit Hierarchy.
    2.      Become an alcoholic and ensure you are still under the influence first thing in the morning.
    3.      Do not be prettier than the NCO above you, especially if she has no managerial skill.
    4.      Do not volunteer for unit committees or represent the Unit in sporting activities.
    5.      Do not be physically fit
    6.      Attempt to fail all fitness tests.
  2. Worked for me (apart from the sex with the heirarchy-she was just a little too scary and hairy)
  3. Its a standard pratice across the whole of the Bde.

    Its military law, good looking female soliders are promoted at an acclerated rate, the rate of promotion is directly linked, to their ablillity to shag the management.

    In this new age of sexual liberation perhaps the boys should get in the act........
  4. I'm afraid you are not going to get much sympathy from this dogmatic, inflexible and over-promoted individual.

    suggest after you have read this, you try and re-post on the Special Projects Language Intelligence Team Rumour Service:

    Further details can be found at

    This topic was hammered a bit in the NAFFI bar before christmas.
    First  Loyalty is a two way street.  If its that obvious that a Boss and a subordinate are involved in Ugandan negotiations, then someone ought to have a quiet word in both their ears.  Better to do this early on, before they get caught together in the back seat of the Astra cinema, or estate, with the lights out!

    This can frequently be a job for two people, one from each end of the chain of command.  By running this strategy as a team effort, you make it plain that there are suspicions, but give them both an opportunity to withdraw, save the hostages and possibly a marriage as well.  ( we are all short of people, why not try and save a few, instead of throwing them to G1?)

    If you have posted this in frustration, because you have had no joy from your line manager, then speak to someone in another  unit.  There are certainly a number of people out there who have had to deal with his sort of issue before.  They may be prepared to advise...

    Ifyou  are the person who should have had a quiet word with the boss, and have not got round to it,  then please have another read of ADP 5.  Loyalty is important, cap badge loyalty is even more so.

    Second  Not all of us are endowed with mechanical and spatial awareness that makes high speed navigation and TOETS / APWT a walk in the park.

    we all have to be able to use every tool in the box.

    Equally, not all of us Alpha males are able to charm the birds from the trees, and get all the IRs sorted on the first meet.  Or defuse, not inflame, that nasty late night confrontation in the Euro bar.

    If you have been taking the piss out of the other sex over this, then perhaps it's just payback time.

    Does there need to be an SM&D module on this again?
    I thought we covered all the ground in the bar?

    Put your mind to this and any problem can be solved.  You may have to manage up, down and across the chain of command, but there is another network here that can help.....
  5. another tried and trusted method is to be so tatally wnak at your job that the only way you can be got rid of is promotion-seen it used to great effect
  6. Is it worth transfering to int corp from sigs or is it shyte also?
  7. Transfer out, to anything. The only thing lower than a scaley is a monkey. Discuss..................
  8. I'm sure I will transfer but not to ANYTHING! Whats op int and sys like?
  9. Dont insult the monkey, gibbon, chimp or whatever.... 8O no life form is lower than a scaley!!!
  10. No such thing anymore me ol mucker gee. We is all Op MI whether we like it or not. Although, it must be said, some of us are more Op MI than others! (Darkside is now a dull grey shade)
  11. That's because they keep letting the little f#ckers out in to the daylight. Get them all back in to the windowless buildings; they'll soon shrivel back to black in the special UV-free environment.
  12. (Darkside is now a dull grey shade)[/quote]

    Hmmm, signals does have some good bits to it, but I'm not gonna sit and defend it when I wanna leave anyway. Sounds like int corp has gone a bit to P.C now a days just like everyhting else!

  13. Life sucks doesn't it.
  14. Hmmm, signals does have some good bits to it, but I'm not gonna sit and defend it when I wanna leave anyway. Sounds like int corp has gone a bit to P.C now a days just like everyhting else![/quote]


    It shouldn't degenerate into a slagging match, but how on earth did you get into the Royal Corps in the first place with spelling and grammar like that. Are you on the RP staff or something?

    What's the reason for you wanting to leave?
    Is there another job in the Signals you'd rather do and, more importantly, are you up to it?
    What is it about the Int Corps you prefer? I will fully understand if your reply that there's lots of nice looking girls, because that's my recollection as well.

    Apologies to Green Slime for coming on to your board, I couldn't resist.
  15. I can attest to whistler's bona fides. He's got lots of form for living with superior life forms.