How to get on tour whilst in a non operational unit?

Discussion in 'REME' started by threadersvm, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Ok guys I'm sure there will be no end of sarcastic answers, however, I'm going to ask the question. How do I get away on HERRICK when not at a frontline unit? I've tried MCM Div with regards to E2 / No7 board but it came to nothing.

    Already got the green light from my boss so that's not a hurdle I have to jump.
  2. Bud, I'd edit your 'stan' sentence or expect a fun filled couple of hours!
  3. You utter c**t. F**k o*f.
  4. Afghan Tour

    Hope this helps.
  5. Yeah that's mega thanks
  6. That looks quite good actually - threadersvm could go dressed as a member of the FSB
  7. They are also making a remake of Full Metal Jacket and are looking for a Door Gunner - if you can say the words 'git some, git some , come on yeah yeah, you might stand a chance.
  8. Whats got under your foreskin?
  9. the tool begging for 'trigger time'
  10. Listen up you bell ringer

    Bar CAll of Duty on your XBox "Trigger time" is something you probably know feck all about.

    I've been on tour before asshole, it's the 5K bonus I'm interested in.
  11. You'll have to excuse me on this one, but I didn't see that in his question. We sit here and slag off "tour dodgers" and now it seems we are condemning someone for wanting to go on tour. For what it's worth I have volunteered for all my recent deployments because I wanted to go and do something hopefully useful rather than sit around in UK. Maybe the OP wanted the same.
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  12. I think it's more likely to be 'spanner time'. :rolleyes:
  13. Afraid to say that we (the next Bn to go) are scaling down the number of VMs and adding more Recovery Mechs. Although that being said, it looks as though recovery ISTs may well have a VM crewman once we get out there.

    Have you thought about outside of the Corps? Dog handler - I know blokes we didnt have pencilled in to go have looked at that route and some have been successful despite it being quite rigourous training.
  14. I'm not a slagger of tour dodgers at all - If one wants to deploy then so be it - no need to ask dumb questions on here though - he's got the green from his ' boss' anyway. It's a bit like me saying "Hi everyone im past being considered as a reservist so i'm ******* off to Najaf to provide close protection support to a load of gopping mobile phone mast engineers- what should i pack in my wash bag ?
  15. Go and get your head down you sheep's ****.

    Threaders I reckon you'd have to be a little more specific regarding your current CEG and the role you want to take, in order to get anything useful on here.