how to get on herrick

Discussion in 'OTC' started by GK12345, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Been 'toying' with the idea of suspending uni for a year or so and getting on a herrick tour. Im an infantry TASO, infact my regt. are out there now.. Basically asking if anyone knows if I can do this and what hurdles I would have to get over to go there. Bearing in mind my lot are out there currently, would i have to wait for their next deployment or would I just be sent with the next available battalion? Please chaps, only reply if you actually understand what your talking any UOTC reg staff/adjutants etc would be great but no students chattin out of their arrseholes..
    many thanks
  2. [wah shield on]

    As a Pte...transfer to the TA unit of your choice, complete recruit cadre and CIC, perform well enough on unit PDT to go to Chilwell and Roberts your mothers brother.

    As an officer...transfer to the TA unit of your choice, complete modules 1-3, AOSB briefing and Main Board, TACC, Module 5 and PCBC, perform well at unit PDT prior to going to Chilwell and then spent 6 months in the armouries/Int cell/insert-bone-job-here.

    [wah shield off/]
  3. Heed your own sage words then and delete your head-dobber post.
  4. why? its a fair question. one of our plt sgts at our otc was on telic so cant see why its not possible or why this is such an offensively bone thread. If this does irrate 5alpha, please, feel free to feck off. regards
  5. because your an OTC CADET
    your not a trained pte or an officer your a CADET.
  6. no i appreciate that you cannot deploy as an ocdt and that you must transfer to a REAL TA unit. BAck to the original post, I was asking how to get from A to B..
  7. Fly to Pakistan, quick tab - ask for Terry
  8. duely noted sir
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The best way to get on Herrick would be to contact your Careers Office. Find a trade you wish to do in the Armed Forces either as an Officer or Soldier, regular or reserve. Then do the required entrance exams, sift interview, PJFT and medical. Provided you meet all of the above criteria you may be given a start date in order to join the Forces. Depending on your trade/arm/service you will have a while to wait before you will be able to start phase 1 training. On completion of phase 1 training you will move onto phase 2 training. After phase 2 training you will join your unit. When your unit deploys, you will go with them.

    Hope this helps.

    I was in the Air Cadets once.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  11. 2 OTC guys I know did this (to TELIC) and went out as Fus and Spr.

    I think they had to change to TAPO first. IIRC the first year OTC is very similar to CMSR minus CBRN so there was a bit of top up training then STA.

    Speak to your OTC and local units.
  12. Have you tried speaking to the unit in question, they deal with transfers and I'm sure they will provide you with some guidance.

    Just remember that the process could take some time and that deployment lasts around a calendar year - just remember that the mobilisation/deployment cycle is not directly co-terminus with the academic year.

    This could be catastrophic in terms of your degree because if you mobilise at the wrong time you could potentially blow out one or more years. As mentioned earlier, you may have to start from scratch and be deemed suitable to do the two way range package. These days unit's will not send retards forward, no matter if they have been to uni or not.

    I'm assuming that you are on a three year course, I suggest that you should wait till you have finished your degree before trying to make Terry an extinct species.
  13. There is an old saying, 'don't be too anxious to get your share of the action - when it starts, there's more than enough for everybody'.
  14. He was probably irritated by your vaguely offensive attitude. I was more concerned by your inability to spell or punctuate. Not very good if you are a university student and can't crack the basics. If you are so keen to get on HERRICK then feel free to join the Regular Army - probably as a soldier. That way you can 'do your bit' rather than go and do a tour and then come back and tell big time stories to your mates. 5Alpha and I would probably have given you a better response if you had the maturity to have posted a more reasoned post.
  15. Opportunity depends greatly on cap badge. Eg RMR - we deploy students pretty much every year - Herrick 7,9,12, now calling fwd vols for 14. However you will need to decide if you want to be a member of a cadet organisation where you are not subject to mobilisation, or join a reserve unit - TA / RMR etc where you are.
    Secondly, you will need to be FULLY trained. As a member of ACF/UOTC you are not.
    Thirdly, regardless of cap badge, you need to have a more compelling reason than "toying with the idea". Ganners is not a place to take a student gap year to go and find yourself.
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