How to get "HOON" as "WASTE OF AIR " on

As we all know how the internet and
works .

I think it would be a very good idea for us
ALL to go to the site and type in the words:

HOON, You ain't nothing but a Hoon dog, lieing all the time.Do the decent thing and resign.
And if we all get a few mates to do the same and pass on the message, why then after a few hits - EVERY search for HOON on the site will show as quoted. Mind I'm only suggesting that it might work!!. And I do not condone such a thing for a great MP and super , great , fantastic super bloke. - honest.I mean I'd want him next to me in a trench. Without my body armour, or boots, or more than 25 rounds or radios that work or!!!!

check out with BUSH and Miserable failure.

Merry Christmas.
Sorry, but I noticed that Oracle is the only one who's replied, thus far. I'm not being critical of your post or anything but I wonder if it's because every time you say 'Geoff Hoon...' people look at you strangely, their eyes start to glaze over/ they start to giggle/hyperventilate/wander off into a dark corner and mutter to themselves/make improper suggestions to the cat/ fall asleep....
Perhaps there is scope for a serious psychological study of these phenomena and try to determine the range at which the 'Hoon Effect' cuts in. If the range is more than 300 metres we could be onto something....


I tried it but got some Korean guy called Hoon Hong. I did get quite excited when I misread the title as Hoon Hung!

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