How to get extra leave

The way to receive extra leave, especially from 3 is to go on a thieving spree, taking items like the odd laptop and some money, and maybe the odd car here and there. After you have done this, just wait for the powers that be because they are bound to let you have an extra weeks leave................oh that's right they did.
When I needed extra leave I got my sister to phone RHQ crying and say MDNs granny / mum / dad/ pet walrus is in hospital and its not looking good.....

Thats better than saying they died as they can make a miraculous recovery only to lapse in a few weeks time

Repeat process until arse kicked out of it or your liver packs in or money runs out from being in leave :D
I just followed orders and i ended up with 21 days RoP's :(

Sgt Maj said" get out of my sight, i don't want to see you ever!"
so i went home, but i did come back due to beer chits running out after 2 weeks!!
The best way to get leave at Wattisham is to go sick, ask to see the civi doctor whatever your ailment you get bedded down for at least two days!
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