How to get arrested in Dubai

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, May 18, 2012.

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  1. I like this obvious little titbit,,,,

    Smuggle in a bacon sandwich – pork is banned – and a poppy seed roll will add to the criminality of the action, as poppy seeds are also on the UAE's forbidden list.

    How to get arrested in Dubai - Yahoo! Travel UK
  2. Sex in a public place will also work.
  3. It says being drunk in public & wearing shorts can get you locked up too. As that pretty much described me every time I went to the Sevens I suspect I had a lucky escape...
  4. dancing in public.....
  5. Windmilling through customs calling them a bunch of cunts might work as well.
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  6. Welcome to Dubai! And you're welcome to it, imho. It's a 'chrome and pot plant' shite hole. Sharjah is even worse. A Club Med trip to Medina would only be slightly more appalling.
  7. Always thought Dubai was very hypocritical, come here holiday, spend your money enjoy yourself and drink. but fall foul of our strict laws that weren't mentioned in the brochure and if your not spending money prepare for the high jump with little in the way of legal help and prisons and sentances that make the UKs courts and prisons look like the paradise at the Ritz.

    I'd much rather go somewhere with out the draconian laws, never saw the attraction of Dubai besides their attempt to build those islands and massive hotels that only the very rich can afford to stay in whats Dubai got over a more western friendly destination with the same climate?
  8. A walk up the creek & a visit to the (very small) historic bit & the museums can fill half a day, but unless you're there to make money or interested in shopping I cannot think of anything else to recommend the place aprt from the Sevens and leering at Jumeirah Janes.
  9. On the other hand, isn't it incumbent on a visitor to inform themselves of the laws of the country that they wish to visit? In most Arab countries the authorities aren't bothered about what goes on behind closed doors but they're pretty clear about what can and can't happen in public. These people who get arrested for having a drunken shag on the beach or whatever should have known better.
  10. Hopefully they will run out of oil soon and the place will become a ghost town.
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  11. Strolling in on a Australian passport and bumping of a Hamas official, doesn't work at all I'm afraid.
  12. Shouting "Free Bahrain now!" in the Mall should be pretty reliable.
  13. I understand that if your going to a place you should respect and learn off their customs and traditions, i've only spent a few days in dubai while flying elsewhere but i've spent time in other islamic nations and regions know that you respect their values and everyone gets along swimingly but they are quite open with what they expect of you.

    On the other hand i think Dubai very much sells itself as an Arab Monacco a playground where you can do as you please and as a very western place to go -

    Welcome to Dubai 2012 - YouTube

    If they don't want to encourage behaviour thats against their laws perhaps they should sell themselves more as a cultural & historic destination rather than with wineing and dining, extreme sports and footage of people dressed in ways that might be frowned on reconnecting and finding love in dubai eh? As most peoples opinion of Dubai will be based of these adds and the brochures rather than by reading any political history of the UAE.
  14. Load of old cock. Pork isn't banned but as muslims don't allow it you won't normally find it. But go to a Spinneys supermarket and you'll find large Pork sections, helpfully signed Not for Muslims. Also shopping in shorts etc. Go to any mall and you'll find masses of scantily clad ladies shopping. The signs ask people to dress respectfully but it's not like KSA where you might end up in chop chop square.
  15. Pork is banned? I'm at least 80% sure that I saw pork of some description (chops or sausages, maybe) for sale in a supermarket there a couple of years ago. But I agree with JC above: I wouldn't go to any Muslim country, not even Turkey, on holiday; there are plenty of other hot, interesting places in the world which are free of the (admittedly slight) risk of the Islamic hassle factor.