How to get a copy of my P60 when my unit is on Leave?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by twiggers, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I do hope someone can help and that I'm posting in the correct forum. I've applied for a morgage and everything is fine, all the searches are done the survey is all fine.

    But the morgage company have just asked for a copy of my P60 which I haven't recieved. I'm in the proccess of moving to a new unit who are currently on leave. I've spoken to my old unit and they no longer have my records and can't help. So what do I do? I've called the Tax Office in Wales and they haven't been sent updated records by the Army, therefore I can't get the records based upon my old earnings.

    Is there anyone else I can call to get it i.e. Glasgow so I can complete the purchase? Thanks in advance,
  2. twiggers,

    Your P60 should be available on the new ArmyNet site (mine is just checked).

    Here is a link to it

    You will need to update your security details......then click on My ArmyNet along the top of the home page and P60 is there as an option....

    If you have any probs just drop me a PM or reply to this and I will try and help a bit more...

  3. Awesome mate, I've pm'd you as my login in details don't seem to work. Regards,

  4. Ahhh.. Reference my last cancel. Just worked it out that is the beta site. Got my P60 and apparently I violated security. Lets hope that one doesn't been a chat without coffee after leave.
  5. Try giving them a copy of your March Pay Statement the tax details on that will be almost identical to those on your P60.
  6. Ahhhh..... Now only if I ever recieved my March Statement. I suspect it's clogging up someone's in-tray somewhere in RHQ. I guess it's my bad for not chasing it up, but I was expecting to be buying a house!