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How to find the right regiment


I've got my Phase 1 on the 29th October and I'm joining the Royal Engineers as a fitter general, I'm kind of clueless about this really but I want to know what regiment or unit I will be posted with once I complete training?


You will be told once you pass all your basic and trade training, so start concentrating on passing that instead.
You will be posted to wherever they need sappers, and go to do your trade course at a later date.
Not been done that way for a few years now. Because a SAT is undeployable, lads generally do their B3 and then have to wait for their trade courses at Gib. Heard of lads being stuck in Tv Troop for 8 months, only a few are lucky enough to spend that time at a unit which isn't due to deploy.


Not many stay in TV for long these days. Sapper recruits don't get loaded onto Phase 1 unless there is a clear path through the Phase 2b.
They get sent to units as SATT's (Soldiers Awaiting Trade Training) and we took them with us if their course dates didnt clash, we also had Gib Bks send a load to canada to make up a section which was fantastic training for them and got them out of Gib for 6 weeks.Mate you'll ask for somewhere, records will completely disREgard your choice, youll get sent somewhere else.Easy peasyEnjoy!

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