How to find old friends in the military?

Any Ideas


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Run his name through the 'person' search on ArmyNet?
Biscuit... any reason for your answer?
Send your letter by snail mail using the address that you'd previously been given. It will find him eventually.

He may not choose to reply, though.
Bernster said:
Have you thought this through?
Thought through what exactly?
Shenda said:
I was hoping to get in contact with an old friend who is still in the army. They are in the 21st Signals reg (AS), and no matter what I do I can not seem to locate them.
I have his reg no. I used to write to him but cant locate him
Maybe they dont want you to find them!
I must say its quite amusing reading some of these posts! But no, FYI - it's not something to be embarressed about... there are no kids.. and he is an old school mate. Unfortunately, the address I have was from when we wrote to each other 6 years ago, but that posting has now ended and we have been in touch since I asked for help from you guys. Guess I didnt need your help after all!

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