How to find anyones IP

Gents, allow me to shamelessly plug easy-web-beacon.
It's a script on MY SITE which crafts web-beacons for sending in PM's and emails.
The tech types here will no doubt be familiar with web-beacons, for everyone else, its a remote image sent in a message which gives you a remote persons IP amongst other things.
This tool could help out trolls, dodgy foreigners and provide locations for people.
In This thread it was no coincidence I knew he was from lichfield :wink:

Obviously it's a potential threat to privacy and anonymity, but you get beacons everyday without realising it, especially on the WWW.
Therefore I'd encourage anyone concerned by such things to block remote-images in their browser settings or use tor.
It's just an image link. The only info about you it acquires is what your browser sends like when you see those javascript signatures from danaweb.
"Your ip is x, your browser is y, I shagged your (insert relative)..."

This is the same info that is sent to a website when you look at it.
I've since fixed a wee glitch which meant it wasn't working properly for people who disallow framed browsing (HTML windows within windows).
(cheers for the tip-off :wink: )

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