How to find a murderer...

Probably 2nd half of 1977, Lisburn Northern Ireland.

My brother stayed in civilian married pads in Lisburn and occasionally I would stay with him - on our way to barracks one day, we noted his neighbours back door was ajar, in the terraced house, immediately adjacent to the pavement. We walked past and gave it no great attention. However, later at Theipval we were interviewed by SIB as the lady next door had been murdered and was lying behind the door. Young infant was left upstairs and she had been "slaughtered" with multiple stab wounds. What made it especially bad was that she was handicapped after Polio as a child. In any case, it was her husband who was a dog handler at Long Kesh/ Maze and had snuck home through the night and killed her.

Anyone know who he was and what happened to him - would it be military of civil justice system?

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