How to end Sex Tourism

if british birds took it up the wrong un,swallowed,knew their place in the kitchen and bedroom and stopped their middle aged arsse spread we,d have no need to look abroad. :wink:
If MDN and OFaH had their passports taken away then that should cut it down by about 50%.
IF British men knew how to treat a woman properly and could form a good trusting caring and lasting relationship, they would not have to go abroad looking to perv.

The differnce between Kinky & Perversion?

Kinky = Feather!

Perversion = The WHOLE chicken!!
I had a discussion with a bunch of girls about this at college, went something along the lines of:
Daft feminist cow 'Well, I think its demeaning, no woman should have to resort to such a level... blah blah blah'
Daft blonde bint: 'Well, I think its silly, people travelling around the world to have sex'
Different blonde bint 'Well, I wonder why they do?'
Hugh_Jardon 'Look ladies, its very simple... Just drop yer undercrackers more frequently!'
End of discussion, dirty looks my way.
Please say this outrageous kill-joy feminist hasn't gotbher eyes on Antwerp?
Ancient_Mariner said:
Do my GILF hunting trips to Eastbourne count as sex tourism?
You're going to the wrong place, mate. Try Worthing, Frinton or Catterick
"Seaside town"? Someone censored the real location ... wants 'em for himself, eh?
Even more amazing. Type in the name of the town at 532295 387153 in connection with 'sex tourism' of the most mundane variety and you end up with "Seaside town".

Are the good citizens of WoRtHiNg hiding something? Or are they just hiding from ancient_mariner, blessings and peace be upon him?
Ah Bindels quite a well known feminazi, she's in the camp of dyke hating men that believe women actually hate sex and its like a violation.

mac_uk said:
It's amazing what comes up when you google "sex tourism" or words to that effect. And to think, I've been wasting my time down at Thomas Cook.

Now, does anyone have a few grand to spare for a quick recon/research trip?

I take Paypal
I felt compelled to investigate their web site. Eastbourne is OK but, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

Oh dear ...
Thousands of customers have already had a healthy dose

Err ...
What if my wife wants to come along?

Seems the birds aren't that tasty ...
Penthouse Magazine is recommended by Charlisangels

Ooo Err Missus ...
Water sport activities

And finally, don't fall asleep face down on the beach or Scotland's favourite, perma tanned, lefty politician might use your arrse as target practice for his forthcoming tour of Northern penal establishments ....
We also offer specialized vacations for ... swingers!
Hmm, yes I always admit to the Customs/Immigration Officer what I'm really going to be doing in Bangkok, FFS.
I'm just lucky they haven't sussed why my luggage contains a roll of maskers and a ball peen hammer.
Seriously, the sort of thing we should be worried about is Paedo sex standing by for flak now.

December 18, 2007 2:31 AM

J. Bindel:

I totally agree Julie, but I'm afraid we need to go even further than you propose.

Tourists will be going into space soon.

So you will also need a clause in your law, which will make it a criminal offence for them to try to pay astronauts for sex.

Talk about "Fly me to the Moon"!

And don't think they won't try it either. You've heard of the mile-high club? Well these boys and gals will be going a lot further than that.

And people as you well know will do anything to get on top.

We need action now!
smartascarrots said:
We could easily end sex tourism if our womenfolk indulged mindless wanton promiscuity. Look at Manchester.

I think I've spotted the flaw in my own argument.
Yep!! try workington, they were even buying me beer........ffs, sex for free!! they were dirty as fcuk :p

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