How to End Islamophobia

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, May 25, 2007.

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  2. Good stuff. maybe MCB, MPAKUK, CAIR etc could listen to this guy, although they certainly won't...
  3. Unfortunately moderate voices are easily drowned out by more extremist views. Ultimately as the article state the solution must mainly come from within the Islamic community. Whilst we can do our bit to educate ourselves about Islam, to understand its teachings, foundations and purpose - so that we have a more balanced view rather than be falsely 'informed' by seeing images of suicide bombers, Abu Hamza, the now deceased Abu Musab al-Zarqwi etc. The Islamic community especially the Imams must take the reigns in counter-preaching hatred and bigotry. Perhaps there should be facilities put in place for disaffected Muslims to share their anxiety, somehow vent their anger and frustration rather than taking up Jihad. Maybe establishing some kind of forum for them to openly discuss their problems rather than keep it locked away can help somewhat. It's a complex problem which requires a complex solution. There are different elements at work which contribute to people declaring holy war on 'infidels'; such as socio-economic standing, income, status, foreign policy (is it partially accountable?) perhaps many come from more deprived areas where there aren't many opportunities. Although of course I could be wrong.
  4. Something tells me that Tawfik Hamid has just cooked his own goose.

    It only takes one egged on nutter to put this guy in the ground. He's very brave for speaking out.
  5. You are wrong but just right for arrse..another left wing student.