How to end Islamic fundamentalism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jerboa, Oct 9, 2004.

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  1. After reading a few posts tonight, one of them reminded me of a program called the West Wing tonight where the fictional Whithouse Cheif of Staff asked

    "when will it stop, when the Stars and Stripes flies over Mecca?"

    From what I remember, he wasn't being sarcastic or imperialistic, he simply could not see a solution that would please all and was asking a pleading question to a guy which he already knew would not have an answer.

    The guy that posted the quote in the first place (Aunty Stella) made some valid points.

    Now, I have posted this in the NAAFI and Current Affairs, lets see who comes up with the most workable solution. There's only one thing I ask, if you are going to come out with PC, think it through first to at least 30 years in the future.

  2. The thing is, if we play into these fundimentalists hands by 'declaring all out war on Islam', we are fecked, everyones fecked.

    99% of muslims despise what the few are doing in the name of their religion. We need to get them on side I believe. With Islam being the largest growth religion, it isnt wise to be on the opposing side as it were. The religion is not the enemy, its the fcukwits who use it as an excuse. Gerry Adams take note.

    If we react in a way that alianates almost half the worlds population (IE, burn down every corner shop, curry house and sweat shop- remember the line in The Italian Job were Michael Caine squares up to the Mafiosa and threatens to kick off with all the wops in UK if they attempt to stop their plan to blag the bullion?)

    No way Mustafa, we need to reasure the Muslim populace that we are equal to them and will work to weed out the minority of extremists that shame their faith.

    Failing that, reinstate a squadron of Vulcans and set course for Mecca, Bradford and Basingstoke (Basingstoke is a 5hithole and deserves it anyway).
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    The only solutions are political - not military. You cannot force a sovereign people to do anything they don't want to, see India, Israel (us), S Africa (Apartheid), Afghanistan (USSR), Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq! (USA). IMHO the marginalisation of Muslim/Islamic fundamentalism can only be achieved by:

    1. Solving the Israel/Palestinian issue (simply......)

    2. Economic and political emancipation of the majority of Middle East/N African/ Asian peoples (simply...)

    3. A recognition by the West that we are responsible for the vast majority of the problems (post WW1/2 partition, support for totalitarian regimes (Saddam, Shah, House of Saud)) and that there are no simple solutions. Even the 'easy' NI problem (only 2 factions and a few million people!) has taken us a couple of generations (since independence) with no final solution in sight.

    Hmm best I don't hold my breath!
  4. Nice reply Flash. Someone suggested on another thread creating an Arrse party to take on BLiar and I think the twin track approach suggested is eminently sensible. Live in reasonable and calm co-existence with us or we will nuke you.

    Works for me.
  5. The real problem we face with terrorists, and always have is that we try to apply our PC evolved behavior to deal with people who don't give a fcuk.

    Just look at the spams after 9/11. Immediately arrest and hold without charge anyone named Mohammed. Who can blame them When the terrorists are killing your people civil rights take a back seat.

    You can't deal with the wider Muslim world in the same way you deal with terrorists. How to find the balance eh?

    I'm sure the secret is to engage with the majority of the moderate Muslim world to side with us against them. That will only come when we are prepared to be more accepting of them and their culture.

    If that fails then we should nuke em.
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  6. Y'see, (and this is going to cause trouble, but what can you do?)
    I don't believe that it's only a tiny minority of either faith that is to blame.

    The same thing has been said of the situation in my home for generations and in my opinion, it's simply not true.

    The "combatants" here might be very small in number, but they enjoy if not the active or tacit support of their communities at the very least a state of splendid indifference to their activities as long as they affect only "the other crowd".

    When someone is arrested or slotted for whatever they were up to, there is no thought of the crimes that they commited. Simply of Billy or Paddy the postman, barman, wee lad down the road... whatever and a kind of indignation which occasionally spills over into outright rage and further violence, which continues the cycle.

    I believe the same to be true of the current global situation.

    Honestly, how many of you have shed tears or thought more than twice about any native killed in Iraq or Afghanistan by the deployed Western forces?
  7. Every hand that holds an olive branch and a dove should have a feck off big knuckle duster and a flick knife in the my Sunday School teacher used to tell us. He wasnt that daft I suppose.
  8. That one I find void BCO. It goes back to being an apologist for things committed or carried out by previous generations, how far do you take it?

    I do not disagree in any way shape or form that we historically created the geography and the borders, but we did then go away.

    Where do you draw the line? 10 years, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000, 20000?

    People still bitch about slavery and the British and have no clue that it was us that were the first to abolish it and to shell american slave forts, we are accused of buying slaves when people have no idea that it was african chiefs that sold them to us, we are accused of creating borders such as iraq, iran etc with no idea that these borders were created by international treaty with agreement from all factions that were relevant at the time.

    Historical apologists p1ss me off. Britain still gets more flack from her actions 200 years ago than Germany gets from hers 16 years ago.

    The raw truth is that we were a colonial power, things were different then, we got some right, and we got a lot wrong. There are countries that benefited from our influence and there are countries that have chosen to go on their own path. Whatever they are now is down to NOW, not "before".

    If people continue to blame us for all their ills, I think that it is only fair for us to blame every ****** that ever came here between our primordial stage and 1066, that gives me several million years of blame to associate to.
  9. Ya feel better now ya got that out Aunty?
  10. Aunty, the thing may be to act towards your opponants disjointed view of history. What they may see as an injust period of time, we may not. Where do you draw the line? Where do you forgive? Where do you start off from. Each faction has its own opinion and point of view. How far back do you go or do you just draw a snady line on the deck? Each side has their own agendas for whatever reasons. The key is to find the balance.

    My balance after half a gallon of Asbach at present is 'Reinstate the V force bombers, head east, turn the desert into a err desert, defrost Maggie, invade Papua New Guinea then enslave all members of The Peoples Popular Front of Ipswich into hard labour whilst ensuring all drivers of BMW 5 series endure a fate worse than a fate worse than death. Oh and Remove Bliars vital organs then sell them on Ebay making sure the reserve is never met.
  11. You're starting them @ 1p then?
  12. Fair play flash.

    Luckily, I am not in charge of nuclear weapons, otherwise there would be no problems at present as I would have threatened everyone that "doesn't get on", with a Trident.

    Those that still failed to get on would have been treated to the car park demo.
  13. No, I lied. Ive set a reserve of £100 million quid. Not even the Terrahawk, Cherie would pay that.

    Seperated at birth. Kryton from Red Dwarf and the Mound of the hound of the Baskervilles, Mrs Bliar?

    Sounds like a new thread needs starting untermench.
  14. Actually.... If you could get a concensus from the major nuclear powers, along the lines of "be nice or you get to see MIRV technology close up, briefly" you might be getting somewhere. A kind of nuclear armed UN peacekeeping force.

    The thing is I'm not entirely sure that the somewhere you'd be getting to is somewhere I want to be.
  15. I'm patently out of my depth here.....