How to end islamic fundamentalism

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jerboa, Oct 9, 2004.

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  1. After reading a few posts tonight, one of them reminded me of a program called the West Wing tonight where the fictional Whithouse Cheif of Staff asked

    "when will it stop, when the Stars and Stripes flies over Mecca?"

    From what I remember, he wasn't being sarcastic or imperialistic, he simply could not see a solution that would please all and was asking a pleading question to a guy which he already knew would not have an answer.

    The guy that posted the quote in the first place (Aunty Stella) made some valid points.

    Now, I have posted this in the NAAFI and Current Affairs, lets see who comes up with the most workable solution. There's only one thing I ask, if you are going to come out with PC, think it through first to at least 30 years in the future.

  2. And seen as this is the NAAFI, I'll start.

    Sink lower. Not to their level, but lower than we sink now.

    Every fundamentalist body gets buried wrapped in a pig skin and is then buried on Christian ground at the edge of a Jewish cemetery.

    Every round is coated with pig lard

    The possibilities are endless

    Deny them their route to allah and do it with a vengance that was proven to work.

    Why should they have the monopoly on being the only ones that can be cnuts? I'm not extoling the virtues of wiping all muslims out or any of the other "final solution" bollocks, but if the "players" want to play to the detrement of the masses, why not totally take the gloves off when dealing with them?
  3. Jerb, as much as I may agree with your solution, that would only enrage the moderate Muslims as it would be seen as 'taking the pi55'. Something that these fcukwits are maybe trying to attempt.
  4. No such thing as a moderate muslim.

    Jerboa has it right go for their beliefs.

    In iraq if a member of the coalition is killed carpet bomb leicester for a start.
  5. Can we do that anyway, please? :twisted:
  6. I'm sure that with very little effort on our part that some yank pilot could be persuaded at night that Leicester was in fact downtown Baghdad. A few roman candles fired up will convince the yank it's incoming and I sure between us on arrse we must have the full LTM setup, just get the pilot ot open his window and smell the curry...then its bombs gone and back to home for him.
  7. Send hoardes of British Squaddies out to deflower every young muslim girl so there's no 70 virgins for them to look forward to. Perhaps hurrying to the afterlife will not seem quite so attractive then :twisted:
    Anyway these 70 virgins, what do they get out of it stuck with 69 other hormonal bitches and one shagged out fella. Bizarre religion.
    (Glad this is the Naafi :lol: )
  8. i thought you didn't like the naafi doris?
  9. Holy crap! One of your own from the civvie division gets his grape slowly sawed off by Johnny Jihad, and you all (Lord Fleshy excluded), are ready to drop "buckets of sunshine" on Fallujah. How provincial. Outstanding! Welcome to the neighborhood. :twisted:
  10. Im excluded on what, septic??

    And is pompey really that fcukwit doris/bb/ladylandy/bunny boiler????

    Bad drills, bad drills.
  11. Or try and resurrect LNV...her plan was simple turn the mid east into a glass parking lot...when she found out that Indonesia and Malyasia had a large muslim population she was ready to nuke the far east as well 8O
  12. Wanting to drop "buckets of sunshine" on Fallujah, SHEBAH! :twisted:
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Flash, I think the word he was looking for was 'excepted.'
    Can't really blame him, they do speak a strange patois over there.