How to effectively ban remembrance day parades

Does anyone see a political agenda here by the Health and Safety Nazis and a typical anti-military agenda by their political masters?

Pensioners are already impoverished in retirement - a fact well known by those who draw up these rules which seem to me designed to effectively end, using the 'Trojan Horse' of fiscal measures, what they see as any glorification of the military displayed by hundreds of thousands of annual commemorations up and down the country by an ex-Service community estimated to number some 10 million men and women!

Our Government and it's agencies have 'form' when it comes to achieving one main or dominant purpose by 'spinning' to the public a reason to achieve it which does not withstand forensic analysis!
Someone needs to get in touch with the Chinese government.
They are the only people who could rent us use of a wall long enough to stand all of these f*ckers against and shoot them.

What are we supposed to do when none of the Government opposition has any backbone?

booby said:
Mass disobedience is called for here. No form filling. No £300 handed over to officials. No risk assessments. Just plan as usual and everyone just show up on the day. This one is a step beyond us merely whining at the state of the nation. Inform plod to shut the road as always (If they don't show up to do it- close the road yourselves) This is our country and we need to make a stand to claim it back from anyone (including politicians and local beaurocrats) who dares to attempt to harm it.
Let's see how many of us they can criminalise and send inside for Remembering as we always have shall we?
This is a key battle for this nation- as real as any currently being fought abroad.


I'm with you on this one.
It's worth a stint inside.
We have to draw a line somewhere and you can't get a much better reason than this.

frankly bollocks the great unwashed hippys when they protest week in and week out don't bother imforming plod. partly out of being anachists and hating the man :?
but mostly cause of this sort of bollocks 300 quid to walk down the road excuse me.
so the police turn up mob handed with all there riot vans to watch as a collection of the well meaning the mad and the sad amble past :twisted:
I heard a great quote in a recent film:

"The People should not be afraid of their Governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people."

Maybe its time for a little regime change closer to home.
These tree hugging,do gooder bunch of by the book chair bound to**ers need a good shoeing!!!! Risk Assesments!!!!!.....These gentlemen have survived wars,being blown up,sunk,shot at & whatever else life,war & the military can throw at them over a life span of what,80 odd years!!!! And these cnuts are afraid that a parade that they have been doing for years in honour & rememberance of their fallen comrades needs protecting..... :evil:
Bagsy first on the GPMG when we line these pc twits up..... :x
I'd like to see someone try to enforce such legislation at a Freedom of the City parade, with flags flying, bands playing and bayonets fixed.
I wonder what political fallout would result from 80-year old bemedalled veterans of the last and subsequent wars having their photographs taken being manhandled by London's finest into the back of Police Vehicles and then splashed all over the tabloids and all over the world!

If they can do it to a woman reading out the names of the dead they can do it to any number of elderly people with no problems at all!

They would seek to intimidate the organisers by holding them vicariously liable for any death or serious injury!

That is not going to work if every single participant holds his hand up and says he is an 'organiser' - 10 million of them!

Our Commonwealth cousins who hold remembrance day parades at the same time and at the same date as we do are to be allowed to continue that to which we are to be denied.

We are to be denied it by the subterfuge of imposing a financial penalty upon those who are impoverished thus achieving by the back door that which would be universally rejected politically if it were to be subjected to honest debate and open legislation!

The parade past the Cenotasph in London is broadcast all over the world. It would be most embarrasing if the only people who were to attend it were Government Officials and it was boycotted by veterans who would, instead choose to attend their own local celebrations!

That would be the most single and effective act of civil disobedience that could ever be acomplished and all entirely legal!

Notice again the timing of the announcement! Those who have sought to impose these restrictions have done so in September since they know or are at least hoping that by November, no one will be bothered and no-one would have noticed the difference!

What a stupid sorry joke this country now is around the world!
Iolis said:
The parade past the Cenotaph in London is broadcast all over the world. It would be most embarrasing if the only people who were to attend it were Government Officials and it was boycotted by veterans who would, instead choose to attend their own local celebrations!
That really is a good idea, maybe the British Legion should think about it.
What about regiments granted freedom of the borough? Can they do what the heck they like and just have the veterans tag along as part of the regiment?
I can appreciate why, on first reading, this idea seems insane. However, think about it for a minute - I advise premises on their licences and have recently done so with my local carnival committee. It is quite possible that, if any music is played (don't know if that is the case here) then they will need a Premises Licence. A fundamental part of that process is risk assessment. Under the HASAWA risk assessments should have been carried out anyway.

When I take people through the process (and when teaching Licensing Law) I also make them think about (amongst many things) what would they do if a bomb went off. We are approaching the anniversary of 9/11, the Home Office and the Met have said that any large gathering of people is a target - that's why Birmingham city centre was closed down a few months ago - it wasn't just the IRA who saw these as fair targets.

How would you feel if there was a threat given, or even an actual device detonated amongst all those elderly people and because no plan had been put in place to clear the area, allow admission by paramedics, routes cleared to hospitals etc etc, that hundreds of them had died? Who would you feel like blaming then?! The Government? The organisers?

At last years carnival a small child ran under one of the floats. There were no marshalls, one of the committee members had to run the whole length of the carnival and find the St Johns Ambulance float because no one had bothered to confirm with the organisation covering first aid that they were needed so they didn't turn up. The child was treated on the pavement because the ambulance couldn't get through because the carnival organisers had closed the wrong road.

Life is never as simple as portrayed in politically motivated newspapers.
I dont know - what the f*ck am I doing in this service where my country has absolutely no idea or care what I am doing. In fact, I would hazzard to guess that higher government do not want soldiers with missing limbs etc being pushed around in wheelchairs because it "don't sell what we are about..." saya Ms Skinny Arse non-Polital advisor to the government. I reckon the Govt are putting up a big paper wall to stop it on purpose.

Wnkers - the lot of them
The fundamental flaw in the architecture of your argument Prodical is that if it is taken to it's logical conclusion than every public gathering is a risk that is to eradicated either by preventing it from taking place or to invest into into it financial resources which will eventually kill it!

I accept neither view!

Is the subtext here one that sees such parades as potential terrorists targets?

If the state wishes ban such parades then it must do so openly. If it wishes such parades to go ahead then the risk is borne by public funds and not by those whose pensions are already taxed for the state to meet such contingencies!

Moreover, such requirements may be used as an excuse to place obstacles in the way of any such parade or demonstrations the state may find inconvenient or embarrassing and that is yet another nail in the coffin of the freedom of expression!

Think about it!
"Earlier this year we wanted to have the Salvation Army band march through the town with us but we had to opt for a singer instead because of health and safety regulations. We even had to change the hymns because we were told it would be politically incorrect to sing Jerusalem."

Why do organisations actually accept this sort of response?

Jerusalem is politically incorrect?

Upon what legal basis is that the refusal to grant permission for a band?

Those with the power to grant or refuse licence for that reason are acting ultra vires and have no legal power to grant or withhold permission upon such a basis.

They must act within the four corners of a legal authority and not within the subjective limits of political assertion!

Who is more culpable here? Is it the authority who asserts a power it does not possess of is it an applicant who meekly accepts without challenge that which it is told because it does not want to 'rock the boat!?

But there again, such an authority knows that you have neither the legal knowledge, financial means, wherewithal, or even the time to legally challenge them thus solidifying by accretion their illegality into something they actually believe they are entitled to assert - unless, or course you put 'QC', 'Barrister' or 'LL:B' after your name when you find that all such barriers have magically vanished!

The rights you lose are the ones you consent to give up without fighting those who either find your possession of them inconvenient or believe that you should not have had them in the first place!

Some people just find it easier to roll over and die when confronted with inept, corrupt or incompetent authority!


Book Reviewer
booby said:
Mass disobedience is called for here. No form filling. No £300 handed over to officials. No risk assessments. Just plan as usual and everyone just show up on the day. This one is a step beyond us merely whining at the state of the nation. Inform plod to shut the road as always (If they don't show up to do it- close the road yourselves)
Did you actually read the article? It's North Yorkshire Police who are insisting on the Public Liability Insurance and stewards, not faceless officials or the Government :roll:

North Yorkshire Police said this was the first year they had implemented the stricter rules.

"We are concerned with the safety of everyone involved in the parade including those taking part, spectators and our own officers," a spokesman said.

Edit for having Humberside on the brain for some reason.
I think the HSe got fed up of getting snotty letters as they have now make public comment criticising the over zealous application of HSE Law.

But here are the contacts for North Yorkshire Police in case anyone wants to complain to them.:

Callers from outside the UK should call +44 (0) 1904 618990.
For those wishing to make a complaint about the conduct of North Yorkshire police officers or staff , there are a number of ways that you can contact us:

* By Telephone - On 0845 60 60 24 7
* By E Mail at
* By Fax - On 01609 789133
* By Post - To - Complaints and Professional Standards Department , Police Headquarters ,Newby Wiske Hall,Northallerton,North Yorkshire,DL7 9HA


Atrocious. The government never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity. These ideas should be quashed long before they have a chance to hit the press.

And sixtyfootdoll, last time I heard, the Police were a part of the government. Same sh1t, different bucket.
we need the army to take to the streets and show force and our commanders should lead us - a coup d'etat is called for!