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How to earn £91K per year for doing .....nothing


Book Reviewer
It's the £5,000 overtime that gets me - he's on the Sick, how in God's Name could anybody authorise overtime? I presume that they do have some sort of checking system? Hmm, probably not.
A £15,668 bonus for stand-by does seem strange when somebody is supposedly sick.

As he is also the Amicus union rep, I can only conclude that it was far less hassle paying him than fighting him.

Until now of course. Maybe the gravy train will finally be leaving with one passenger less and if its not, it should be.
I would imagine that this has come to light as a result of the local government "equal pay crisis".

Sally Brett said:
Women working as school caterers or home helps are doing jobs of equal value to men working in refuse collection, gardening or maintenance, and have been on the same pay grade as them for many years, but they have been denied access to the regular bonus payments that the men have received, which in some councils add as much as 80% to basic pay. With no-win, no-fee lawyers seeking to represent women with such transparent equal pay claims, we could soon see the bill for back pay compensation in local government reaching into the billions.
Just wait for your council tax to increase to pay to sort out this sorry mess.
The way I heard it was that it resulted from contractual negotiations that spawned a financial legacy unforseen at the time. Employment law means they can't just go back on agreed incremental increases in pay or statutory bonuses very easily. Someone a few years ago (who apparently was no good at maths) dropped the ball at the behest of some smooth-talking Union people and voila, council tax snowballs. Perhaps someone could lend them a calculator?
Equal pay issue is a factor but this explains it: sweetheart deals with unions for an easy life.

As well as detailing payments to Mr Smith, the leaked paper revealed that another employee was paid £53,000 for painting white lines on the road while a third man, described as a bollard cleaner, was paid £37,000, including an £11,000 bonus. Three "gully emptiers" received £36,000.

Plans by Martin Mullaney, chairman of the transportation scrutiny committee, to launch a public inquiry into the bonus system have been put on ice following the direct intervention of council leaders.

Coun Rudge said negotiations with the unions were at an extremely sensitive stage.

The bonus system, described as an "extraordinary anomaly" by Coun Rudge, has in theory been on its last legs since 1997 when the incoming Labour Government announced its Single Status initiative. All councils were given ten years to introduce equal pay for equal work, which would mean treating, say, office cleaners on an equal basis to road workers.

The male roadworking force qualifies for hefty bonuses, in many cases amounting to £6,000 a year, paid regardless of performance, while the largely female office cleaning contingent are not paid bonuses – a clear example of discrimination under the Single Status rules.

The council has already been landed with scores of law suits from workers who say they have been discriminated against. Claims by women employees for the back-pay of bonuses amount to millions of pounds.

Yesterday Mr Smith was not answering his mobile phone. Amicus was unavailable for comment.

PartTimePongo said:
Tip of the iceberg.

I wonder if they'll look at how much 'security contractors' get paid as well?
Don't really see the comparison between what 'Private Security' contractor's do (I presume you are talking about those who work in conflict areas) and some lazy, overpaid, persistently sick 'Unionista' working (or not , as is obviously the case) in Brum.

Yeah, the money is good, why else do you think they would do it??
I think The Times sums it up nicely, with its recent article, "Dinner ladies demand a labourer's wage".

Steve Hopkins, a solicitor at Carvers, the city law firm acting for the women, said: “There are certain jobs at the council that are the exclusive domain of women. We are talking about cleaners, cooks, care assistants and lunchtime school supervisors. They do jobs that are every bit as valuable and difficult as jobs done by men.”

The wages of male council employees are boosted by £90 to £160 a week by a complicated series of bonuses.

Mr Hopkins said: “Bonuses should be one-off rewards for hitting an agreed target or reflecting extra effort. The bonuses these guys get are paid week in, week out for simply turning up to do their job. It is not a genuine bonus at all.”
Basically, council employees in jobs dominated by men have been receiving "bonuses" that aren't performance related, while council employees in jobs dominated by women which are otherwise on the same pay scale do not get such "bonuses". This doesn't just happen in Brum, it's rife across the country.

Some smart-arse no-win, no-fee lawyers have picked up on this and are therefore suing the pants off local authorities to compensate the women for being paid less than their male counterparts.

Us poor old council tax payers end up picking up the tab for the whole mess.
depens somewhat on the contract - I know of a few organisations whose contract of employment specifically states that sick pay is calculated on a basis of average wages in the 8 or 12 week run up to the sick period - ie average wages including bonuses and o/t

you could argue that this is fair in many ways - that your sick pay should reflect your normal earnings, since basic wage is often not reflective of actual income - especially if that overtime was essentially an integral part of the work (weekends/shift work) and you had recieved it every week for the last 10 years
PartTimePongo said:
Tip of the iceberg.

I wonder if they'll look at how much 'security contractors' get paid as well?
If you mean us Rent'a'cops, then the answer is: Not enougth!

Of course thats our End wage, whats paid to the company that employs us might be a different matter.
Listy said:
PartTimePongo said:
Tip of the iceberg.

I wonder if they'll look at how much 'security contractors' get paid as well?
If you mean us Rent'a'cops, then the answer is: Not enougth!

Of course thats our End wage, whats paid to the company that employs us might be a different matter.


£91K on the council... Stan Ogden eat your heart out 8O

Fcuk me now I know I went wrong in working my b0llocks off learning a profession... 10 years with two of the top 4 firms and I only reach that sodding level if you switch the bloody currency sign!

I always understood it to be the case that public sector workers took a shafting on salary since their pension was guaranteed/index-linked "A+"

Makes you wonder what this cnut is getting when he takes the early retirement he's probably entitled to as a poor council worker..... :roll:


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