How to do it sensibly?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nel88, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Basically my fitness cardio and strength wise is great and consistantly rising, but I could still do with losing a few pounds. So the question is whats the best method?

    Is it what i've been doing last week e.g. 3 mile run in the morning and then circuit training in the evening including sprinting inbetween exercises and two laps around the outside of a football pitch twice to make 1 set? Or an hour worth of circuit training etc. Be very appreciative of any suggestions other than lipo.

    Also for the above training is it worth using a bit of whey or maximuscle? will this help to strengthen and repair me quicker after the runs and circuits?Also whats the best exercise to target the lower abs?

    Cheers chaps!
  2. If you're not lifting weights to gain muscle then bin the protein. Carbs is what you need for cardio though obviously fats and protein play a part. It doesn't matter what fitness you do. As long as you raise your heartbeat to around 70-80% of maximum heart rate then you're doing okay. Training everyday is not advised unless you are mincing on your sessions. If you want to get fit look at better sites such as runnersworld.
  3. Whey Isolate is one of the best suppliments you can take, and will definately help you recover faster from hard training.

    If you are running the same distance and route every time, you may want to make one of the runs longer; start with a 4 miler instead of a 3 mile run and gradual build up.

    As Fally said, make sure you have one rest day per week. Training every day wil just lead to burn out and injuries.
  4. If i was honest with you staff im fecking knackered after all my sessions and have been feeling pretty tired at the moment so think I may add two rest days rather than just the 1.Particularly my circuit training routine lasts for 30 minutes but is much harder than my 5 mile runs, but i'll keep grafting.

    I have ADSC on the 14th of sept and I want to beat my shite 1.5 run time which is 9 minutes 54 at the moment and needs to be worked away at before I get to catterick to join the guards.

    I also dont do ANY gym weights, although all my weight lifting is body weight, so im doing squats,lunges,burpees,press-ups,star jumps,the plank,side plank,heaves, one leg squats,sit ups etc I thought this would benefit me more for when I reach basic

    Thank you for your responses
  5. How many elite marathon runners take whey.


    Why is that?

    Whey = Good for disciplines that require strength or power. Negligible for running and circuit training. A normal daily amount of Protein from foodstuffs is sufficient.
  6. But he's not training to be an elite marathon runner, is he? If he's doing ANY kind of strength training, he's working/tearing down his muscle fibres and needs protein to rebuild them. Otherwise he will end up like a marathon runner: "skinny-fat".
  7. Neither is he trying to build muscle. He's trying to up his cardio fitness. Protein not needed!
  8. Nel88.. Can I call you Nelly?

    Slow down ffs!! Do you run 5 days out of 7 as a normal routine (minimal routine)?

    If the answer is no, then start walking every day. Walk the route. Take water, snacks, whatever etc and build up from there.

    If it's a flat route - stay in bed.

    Get out into the woods, hills etc and build from there. Dinny run on roads. Walk/jog/run in forest, grass etc.. but get out into varied terrain.

    As for burning calories, ye have to sweat for 20 minutes before ye start to burn calories (like Werewolf in a spelling test).

    Good luck - don't wear Silver Shadows...
  9. True as far as it goes. But high-intensity cardio training does'nt just effect the heart and lungs. It also effects the rest of the body.

    I'm not talking about taking WI to bulk up, FSJ; he would have to follow a completely different training program for that to happen. I'm suggesting he takes Whey to repair any "damage" caused by his running.

    I presume he is training to be a soldier. Would you not agree that a soldier requires a decent base level of strength as well as cardiovascular fitness?
  10. Yes i'd agree, though again, whey not needed. Enough protein can be got from solids for someone who isn't specifically looking to put on muscle. Whey won't help him to get fitter or for recovery as long as his diet is pretty much okay.
  11. Call me nelly if you want, yes I make sure I run at least 5 days a week for more than 3 miles, and I also do the circuit training. All I want to do is find the best way to lose the weight and smash my run time. However if whey protein consumption will help for strength and make me better all roud thenI might consider doing that. Although like I said i not weak as it is at the moment, although improvements on everything im trying to do is a must.

    Any training routines floating about I could use?
  12. Running every other day should be sufficient. Try to build up to about 5-6 miles for your running sessions, 60-80% MHR for aerobic conditioning / lower body muscular endurance. Reduce the intensity (no. of miles / hour) to maximise time spent running if necessary. 2-3 circuit training sessions / week is also sufficient.

    There's an excellent 8 week beginner's program on though you should be at that level if you're doing 3mile runs currently.

    You don't need any supplements for the type of training you're doing, period. Focus on a well balanced diet & ensure proper hydration & adequate rest days.

    Adjust your daily calorie intake so as to average 2-3lb weight (fat) loss weekly approx. It's typically trial & error at first until you know how many calories you need to sustain fat loss while ensuring you have enough energy to perform your work outs (again good self management, eat before training).
  13. After 60 minutes of training the body starts burning fat. For weight loss long and slow exercise is needed. Mega long walks, slow cycling and swimming.
  14. I stand corrected left-right :D

    I always beleived it was after 20mins - oh well every day is a school day as they say.

    Thanks for the correction. :D
  15. There have been quite a few studies suggesting that runners need more protein than the recommended daily allowance, even if they are getting enough calories. 0.8g per kg of bodyweight (which supposedly has a big safety margin) ain't enough.

    That said, if you eat a six egg tuna omelette for lunch, beans and mince for dinner, etc, and enough calories, your protein intake should be huge.

    When my pal joined the Parachute Regiment he went in with big thighs and ended recruit training walking on stilts. At the end of it he was fit, but I don't think he was healthy. I don't think the food he was getting was anything like enough to allow him to recover properly from the beastings.