How To Decide Who To Vote For

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seanbean, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. I managed to break the thing and get an internet explorer error.

    I must have come to a conclusion other than the one they wanted me to reach.
  2. I was surprised to find i am UKIP 78% or Tory,68%.

    I did it again and added BNP as a choice and got BNP,UKIP,Conservative in that order, yet i would never vote BNP or UKIP, yet they both met 80% of my requirements!!!!!
  3. Yeah me too, and I also would never vote BNP, I might vote UKIP however at this location...
  4. I got the same. That's the trouble with a 'who to vote for' quiz based on policies.

    For one thing, the BNP or UKIP are not going to be elected and so can dream up fantastic policies all day long, without worrying whether or not they'd work.

    And for another, the party itself has a lot to do with it. Even if Labour's policies were brilliant, I wouldn't vote for them because they're utter c*nts who are out to screw us.
  5. Looks like I'm going to be giving Nick Griffen a hand job.
  6. Mine also came up BNP/UKIP/CON !!!!
  7. Highest was 52% with the Green Party, shame it will be a wasted vote.
  8. Not sure how accurate that can be since the questions are quite selective. They don't ask about public ownership of utilities, mutual societies or any other questions orientated around left wing principals so my own score may have been biased rather strongly.

    I came out with UKIP at the top with 74%, followed by the BNP at 64% and the remains trailing along at under 40%. Labour made 8% which surprised me! Like Crunchie, neither of these parties would have been at the top of my list of voting intentions but then perhaps I was kidding myself into a tactical vote.
  9. Worked this time. 52% Lib dem, 38% Labour, 32% Tory.

    So how the fcuk people are getting 70% and 80% at the cuckoo end of the political scale, I will never know!
  10. I came out BNP, yes they would really stand a chance whwere I live, my arrse
  11. Tory and LimpDem both with 51%.

    I'm worried.
  12. Perhaps we're a bit more polarised in our views here. I can't imagine that there are very many limp, hand wringing Lib Dem voters on a site like this (no offence meant). It was interesting to see that on the 'who will you vote for' sticky threads, the BNP get 11 or 14 or 16 percent of the vote and on the original were getting 20% and that's despite the strongly anti-BNP nature of the site. I guess that despite its natural bias, the Telegraph survey is more telling of peoples views. I wonder how it will match up to the end results. My non-statistical brain isn't up to the comparison.
  13. To be honest I think the way the parties are ordered are diven by a few key questions. I suspect for example if you include UKIP and give one particular answer no matter what you say for any other questions UKIP will be your top choice.

    Like any poll it is skewed by the people who masde it up.
  14. Top = BNP 73%, Bottom= Liebour 16%