How to deal with telesales:

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jimnicebutdim, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Northeners.

    So eloquent... :roll:
  2. YEah be great when he gets done for Assult
  3. or......

    Pick up the phone and remind them of the following :)

    "I belive your calls to be harassment, and as such if I am of the view that your harassment of me by telephone is in breach of Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, and the protection from Harassment Act 1997. "

    Then follow it up with the following letter.....

    I am writing in relation to the quantity and frequency of the telephone calls that I have received from your company, which I deem to be personally harassing.

    I have verbally requested that these stop, but I am still receiving calls, the last being on the xx/xx/xxxx at xxxx Hrs.

    I now require all further correspondence from your company to be made in writing only.

    I am of the view that your continued harassment of me by telephone puts you in breach of Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, and the Protection from Harassment Act 1977.

    If you continue to harass me by telephone, you will also be in breach of the Communications Act (2003) s.127 and I will report you to OFCOM, Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading, meaning that you will be liable to a substantial fine.

    That normally does the trick!
  4. Nice one tango34, is that copyright, or can I use it on Carphone Warehouse?
  5. outfcukingstanding.....
    what i do is try and sell them used bog paper they dont like that
  6. I suspect the DSS pays the phone bill.

    This works and companies are at risk of receiving a £5k fine if they ignore it and it can be proved.

    Alternatively, I full condone the angry geordie's actions.
  8. We're on the telephone reference list. If we recieve a sales call (and we still get a surprising number) we pretend to play along until we have the name of caller, company and location and then let them know we'll be sending off a letter later on in the day.
  9. I either ask the caller if they work full-time or part time, is there a dental plan, what's the pension scheme, how many calls have they made today etc or I do as Dr Chris above. It really depends on my mood
  10. One solution is to politely enquire about their underwear, genitals, or sexual preferences. (Irrespective of their gender). Repeat the questioning, asking for more & more detailed information.

    Time how long it takes for them to get offended (remember they're monitored to 'prevent' them putting the phone down on you!). When they finally take offence, remind them that it was they who rang you.

    Occasionally you'll get a 'sport' who'll take at least two minutes to 'clock' the wind-up.
  11. Try and have phone sex with them.

    "What're you wearing?" <low, dirty groan>
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