How to deal with illegal immigrants.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Russia has banned all foreigners from working as retailers in its shops and markets under a new law which came into force on 1 April.

    During the crisis initiated by the detention of Russian officers in Georgia thousands of Georgian illegal migrants were deported.

    Don't you think that more tough measures should be used toward illegal immigrants in the UK?
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Yes, but then we'd have lots of closed shops as no one could be bothered to get a job as benefits pay better. The problem lies here, reduce the money that is handed out and no one will want to come here and the unemployed will have to work.
  3. Its the shame the government won't see things this way. Of course, they don't deal with bread and butter issues.
  4. Also, you cannot stop people coming from other EU member states (not that I would like to) movemnet of travel and all that...
  5. Sergy as you know this is only half the story, since most Russian open markets have closed in anticipation of the ban - from one end of Russia to the other, illegal's were running the highly popular market stalls selling everything from food, clothes and white goods. The result is a seriously disgruntled number of Russians who depended on these cheap products - pensioners, the low paid etc.

    Certainly in the far East of Russia the markets have not been filled, as the legistation hoped, with commercially savy Russians willing to fill the gap left by the Chinese traders... the odd drunk willing to do favours for a swig of aftershave prehaps, but no one else.

    I think this legislation will be quietly changed, mainly because it was b0llocks and has been seen to be b0llocks by the Russian people. No doubt they liked the sound of 'Russia for the Russians' initially, but without outsiders to hate you just turn on each other - the complaints now are about lazy Russians who won't get up at 4am every day to open a market stall at -20........'unlike in Stalins time' etc etc
  6. Thank you armchair_jihad for interest to the theme. I don't think that the legislation would be changed. Anyway it has a massive support and was long awaited.

    Moscow was overcrowded by Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Afghani and only God knows what else traders.
  7. We could stick a few anti-aircraft guns pointing at the channel tunnel, shooting anything with legs...

    Or we could refuse benefits to people, until they have lived here for 5 years (legally)
    So that meats that they will need to have enough money to buy a house, and live until they get a job, also pay for healthcare (50% of it at least)…
  8. Why don't we take immigration as seriously as the Americans do. Eye and finger scan - for a start?
  9. Why don't we take immigration as seriously as the Americans do. Eye and finger scan - for a start?
  10. [film] "Children of Men" anyone?
  11. London and most other big cities would grind to a halt if all the illegal immigrants stopped working.

    The US economy wouldn't be very healthy without it's illegals, either.

    Is it their fault they want to work hard to earn a living?
  12. In my previous civ job, construction, in london I worked and befriended alot of 'illegal immigrants'

    These were From china+ malaysia, I worked with them for 2 1/2 years, they taught me about the jobs, and I taught them english. When I met them they couldnt say anything, now they could hold a fluent conversation.We learned alot about eachothers cultures and it was no dought good for me. These men WANTED to learn english, fit in, etc. They respected 'Britishness' + the law and were overall great people and a fkin great laugh to be with. Many good times at the pub, etc.
    Some wept on 7/7.

    Last time I saw them was in the detention centre in Dover, saying goodbye bringing them their bags after they had been snatched while I was on lunch. They didnt have lunch as they didnt want to waste that money!

    Its so, so sad, 'the good ones' such as above get thrown out yet there are so many militant/jobless/lazy/hate filled/criminal (delete as appropriate) Illegals/Legal immigrants/UK Citizens that are destroying this country that we will never get rid of.

    Its a sorry state of affairs (wah- no shit) I personally cant see a way to get the best out of it.

    blah blah blah blah
  13. ID Cards.... Issued to everybody.

    The billion pound industry of false claims for benefits would be crushed, if, God forbid, measures were actually taken to stop illegal immigration and splinter issues like benefit fraud etc.

    It seems that liberal groups and the like wish to slow these procedures, instead of acknowledging the huge revenue to be saved by such a seemingly 'expensive' procedure. Maybe the saved benfits could be turned towards a professional immigration prevention service (possibly hosing them down with HMG - maybe not...)

    The only people against ID cards are those with something to gain by not having one - or resident tree huggers whose idealistic views no longer apply in a society this over-run.
  14. Cow

    Cow LE

    ID Cards? A technology that can be easily faked, is unproven and will cost the earth to setup (of our money).

    Sky_jacket: Agreed, there are alot of people here who want to pay tax, go home after they have finished working and have honourable intentions. They contribute alot to our economy and society. It's the ones like the Iraqi man who caused a major car accident on the A38(M) in Birmingham, almost killed someone and then left the hospital having had major surgery as he had no licence or insurance that we need to sort out.

    I still stand by my comments that if we sort out how we distribute benifits, that this will fix most of the problems. Both out of work people and Immigrants. Make the country a less appealing option.
  15. No handouts for a start.......... if you dont have a job then find one... If you cant find one, and have paid taxes in the last 5 years the eligibilty is given for a jobseeker allowance. If you have entered this country - a get a job that pays into the system - if not get out and stay out - sponging cnuts, illegal immigrants are the cancer to this country and it will see the demise of uk, people say that they do the jobs the other people dont want to do. this is fecking ludicrous drivel.......... just some people in the uk just dont want to work ... and their lazy cnuts, stop thier benifits too......RANT OVER.. by the way i am not a racist, I am protecting the future needs of our country..which is why i shall be emigrating to the USA because UK is fooked :twisted: