How to deal with holes in toilet walls.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Goose, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Was having a quiet crap in a Charnock Richard Services, when I noticed an eyeball glaring at me thru the wall. More than bit flustered I spat at it. was this the right thing to do. It certainly caused its owner a shock as he(?) flewv out of the cubilcle before I could clear up!!
  2. Probably thought you'd jizzed in his eye. Good Drills!
  3. i think a sharpened pencil forced through the hole at a rapid rate of knots would have made him think twice about doing it again
  4. Sadly I was engrossed in turning out a monster at the time and me pencil was in me car.
  5. Sounds like you were very restrained, I've always wondered why WD40/brake cleaner cans have those little red pipes with them... I might have found a use now.

  6. New SOP for holes in toilet cubicle walls - 1 x can, metal, de-icer add 1 x zippo, metal, flint initiated. That should put the dirty little barstewards off!
  7. Why is this not better dealt with. From my travels on our motorways some places have been properly improved and are all shiny metal, others are pockmarked like a WW2 rifle range.
  8. You're lucky someones hampton didn't come poking through. Some form of cigar cutter may be of some use in the future. Failing that, a can of deep heat.
  9. You should of ran after, grabbed put his head down the toilet, kept holding it until all the gurgling had stopped then flushed.
  10. Id have poked my cock through.
  11. nothing like a good glory hole
  12. Next time bring the car with you into the shitter.
  13. Or eat car before and then shit it out.
  14. What's wrong with shitting in your car? Gay. You were begging for it.
  15. Where I come from having a shit in your car is perfectly acceptable, though I refrain from doing it. I usually shit in my mates car or piss up his exhaust though as I don't have to clean up.