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Alright guys, a bit of advice needed. I am just about to enlist in the TA and also start a new job. I know that many large employers support reservists but I will work for a small business in a specialist role with sometimes irregular working hours. I have not told my employer that I intend to join the TA and I'm not sure how happy they will be about the news. Have any of you got experience of working in a small company? How easy is it to balance this with the TA? Any suggestions about how to present the news to my employer in a positive way?
I would inform your employer as soon as possible. Most see the TA as a positive move for their prospective
employees. It is not always easy to balance the TA with work, but a good employer will understand the
benefits of having TA personnel in their company. The organisational and team work skills that you will aquire, for example, will only serve to enhance you as an individual. Do not let any worries put you off enlisting in the TA, your
employer may even see it as an added bonus to employ you!
Good luck!
Thanks polar,
In my line of work I would definitately not put TA on my CV if applying for a job. Sad state of affairs really but necessary just to get a chance of an interview. I think my best bet is to be upfront and honest with my employer, tell them that some flexibility is required on both our parts, offer to work extra hours if this is necessary to secure time off with the TA. I am determined to make this work, even if it means foregoing all of my short holiday allocation in the process.

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