How to deal with chavs!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gobby, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm just having a bit of rant, but any constructive comments would be appreciated.

    I live in a bit of a rough area, full of chavs and I'm really sick of them ruining our ACF, which is shared by the ATC too. They vandalise our stuff and always gatecrash any outdoor fieldcraft activities we do. I've had enough - any suggestions?
  2. Call the Police and keep calling them until they come, there are enough ex military in the Plod to help your cause.
  3. The police can't do anything because the place where we practice the fieldcraft is public land and we need CCTV to prosecute for the vandalism which we can't afford.
  4. I'm 17, do you really think she'll listen? Besides, it's not me I'm worried about, it's my younger siblings who get the stick when I ain't there as they don't speak up for themselves.
  5. I'm not scared!!

    I've fought with a few of them!

    But thanks anyway!
  6. point your rifles in jest and paint ya faces then run at them as if you gonna fire at them, better still lay some snares and then cook the fuckers!
  7. No CCTV? Take a digi camcorder with you when conducting your field craft lessons, have the AI record your particular training session and if the Chavs commit any offense, you have evidence!

    If they don't then you have a video recording of your Section Attacks so that you can all look at it later and use it to see how you can improve on your drills!

    Or you could just get your dads on 'em.

  8. give them a whiff of cloroform take them in the drill hall,black nasty the naughty boys and anal fcuk them with your mother,s dildo collection,if they come back the next night 3 para mortars will be interested in their natural talent.
  9. Adopt VC style insurgency tactics :- Smear sharp pointy sticks with your own shite and lay traps for them on their favorite approach routes. Chavs are creatures of habit (limited capacity for thought), use this to your advantage.

    Or buttstroke, your call.

  10. accidently rifle butt when a few hundred times until they are brain damaged, no one will notice

    And i say if youve jolly well fought with the scoundrels a few times im taking you won in good standing, tell the cnuts if they crash your gay, er sorry ACF meetings you will fcuk em proper like.

    Sound advice there, I too am 17 and in my godlike prescence they dare not face me anymore, instead i have to watch my back incase one of the wnakers tries to knife me to get their rep back, So just keep ringing old plod dont rise to the muppets :mad:
  11. Water pistol filled with methylated spirits and a Bic lighter. Soak them in meths then flick your Bic. Giggle insanely as you hobble up to their smouldering twitching corpses.

    My taxi? So kind.... NAAFI Bar please, if it's not too far out of your way.
  12. Im stealing this method if you dont mind?

  13. Just leave an all-day saver bus ticket, a half-empty can of carling, some kingsize rizlas and a small bag full of 'dock-ends' that should keep them sane for a night.