how to "cover up" a siezed gene

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by copey, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. forgot to put some oil in the gene? siezed it? silly boy! dont worry though, simply get your oil jug and send your crewb1tch under your rover armed with an adjustable. dump the dirty engine oil into the jug and then top the gene up with it! the E.D's will be baffled as to why the gene has siezed but they wont blame you for not filling it! (only a moron tops a siezed gene with new oil)
    tips for the top, dont leave the jug with dirty oil laid around for the e.d's to see and make sure you top your rover oil up!
  2. How about:

    Do your job correctly in the first place.


    or how about .... only a complete f*ckwit forgets to top the oil up.
  3. Oracle is right, you would have to be a complete tube to allow a gene to sieze up.
  4. It's not even big and clever :D
  5. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    A siezed Gene? Is that a bilogical abnormality? I have heard of mutant genes and rogue genes, but never a siezed one!
  6. I beleive the Nazis did a bit of work in this field, seizing genes. Blonde eyed blue haired types.

    Copey, you want to submit that one to 'Kit' magazine. Of course, give them your reggie number and unit.

    Knobber. :wink:
  7. its people who seize gene's that keep the retard e.d's off the dole ques!
  8. Remember seeing a tiffy blow a gasket at a new guy 2 weeks out the factory there he was having his vehicle inspected on a PRE (a ferret 8O ) and the engine oil was low..........went up one side of him down the other......when asked what his explanation was he said ............."when I checked it it said adaquate 8O :lol:

    For those that dont remember or have never worked with these wonderfull pieces of technology..on the dipstick.... it reads

    ADD A QT :!: :lol:

  9. Was that golden nugget gained through personal experience? :D
  10. it might have been! but not my doing you understand, bizzare though just how many people have had a look (obviously for future reference) does anyone else know any good cuffs?
  11. I once saw a FofS (TA) who let a 16/24 fun dry. He didn't realise the fuel faries don't deliver to Thetford. :eek:
  12. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    you gonna need them now then?
    bet they guys you work with will love that when it starts raining bullets :!:
    good luck mate
  13. those i "work with" include you martin!
    or are you one of the many that use the same nickname?
    relax, its not a real job!
  14. When handing back a burnt-out 10KVA and a wrecked 27KVA to FVD Recklinghausen in the late 80's after a major FTX.I could assure the chap taking the kit back that they had been properly maintained"you can see there's plenty of oil there" :lol:
  15. don't use real names here
    even if you think you know who they are!