How to contact a unit doc?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by r_gmt, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Dear all

    I have illustrious distinction of now having two probable (ok one definite, one possible) bars to entry. I suffer from depression and I've got an ACL reconstruction. The ACL happened 11 years ago (I was 14) and I've since done all sorts on it, skiiing, climbing even a marathon. So I figure, I'm ok. But apparently I'm not.

    So I guess that's the first bit, could I sneak in with this? I wanted to do sandhurst when I was younger but didn't due to said injury. My brother has since joined up and is making me realise that I probably would have enjoyed it.

    Second of all is a suicide attempt an immediate bar to entry?
  2. Only if it's successful.
  3. take a look for the thread 'jsp 346'
  4. quite a cutting remark there
  5. Well there's no point hanging around, is there?
  6. a durst class dicket to dridgend blease, pleurrrrrrrrr sniff!