how to construct the perfect turban

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. You're going to reap just what you sew
  2. Why would you want to look like an Indian Sikh in Afghanistan?
  3. To strike fear into the locals! I wouldn't feck with the Sikhs - a most warlike race when riled.
  4. A mere technicality. The overall effect is still good.
  5. They have other uses...


    Mind you I thought you meant how to construct one of these.......

    [​IMG] :oops:
  6. Pakistan actually.

    Were there are some sikhs.
  7. Ooops is that a slipping past participle?? :oops:
  8. I am SO sorry for missing the H.

    Excue m ft figers :roll: