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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mediumwhiteamericano, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi, just back from holiday if anyone had in fact missed me... :D

    Ok, this may not be in the right area but I need a little techy assistance and there may be someone out there who can help.

    For whatever reason I need to know if its possible to clone a SIM card so that I can access texts etc from the other card. If it is possible then I need to know what I need and how its done.

    Clearly I know it's a bit naughty and all that jazz but I have little choice. If pushed, it's all to do with trying to protect someone rather than anything else.

    So, if someone can help then I would be most grateful. PM me if you'd rather not disclose your underhand knowledge and skills.

  2. Bloody hell £200 for a spyphone, it would be cheaper to pay a chav a score and get him to nick her phone and deliver it to you so you can read her text.
    Though my mircodot says that you can not clone new sim cards.
  3. If they are with O2 then you can get them "Blue Book" where all their text are saved on line. You then have the much easier option of cracking their password. You can then read their text and view their call logs on line from the comfort of your secret lair.
  4. Well, £200 for an inert "bug". A proper fully functioning, remotely accessible handset will set you back four or five times as much, but can you put a price on good G2?
  5. I bet the number you have to dial into is a premium one, brilliant idea though. I take it you have to use their sim card or can you use your own. or is it dual sim, one for the target input/output and one to send output?
  6. Tarriffs and billing aren't my bag, but I am aware of this equipment even being used by commercial organisations to monitor salesmen suspected of taking backhanders from customers in return for favourable treatment.
    Its as simple as issuing all your sales force with new identical Blackberrys or cell-phones, but obviously, the guy you suspect of shady dealings, gets the doctored unit. You monitor his comms for as long as necessary, then before acting on your illegally acquired information, you swap his handset for a standard one on the pretext of a manufacturers product recall.