Firstly, lift the toilet lid and the seat ...

Next add some pet shampoo to the toilet bowl.

Go and carefully pick up your sleeping cat and carry it to the bathroom.

Put the cat in the toilet in one smooth movement and close the lid. At this point it would be prudent to stand on the lid because the by now very awake cat will self agitate, causing ample suds to clean it and the toliet at the same time. Ignore the noises from the cat ... it's probably just enjoying it!

For good measure flush the toliet two or three times, this will have a Power Wash and Rinse effect, giving your soggy moggy an even more enjoyable experience.

Have someone open the front door and make sure there is nobody in the way and there is a clear run to the garden. Stand well behind the toilet while you quickly lift the lid.

The cat will shoot out of the toilet like it's arse is on fire, rocket into the garden where it will dry itself off.

You will now have a very sparkling toilet and ... one very clean but sulking cat.
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