How to claim Incidental Expenditure on JPA

hi was just wondering if anyone has yet claimed the £10 per day IE yet on JPA i dont have a log in as yet and will be returning back from BATUS soon itd be nice to claim it sooner rather than later. If i can of course. What are the rules for claiming IE. And how do i exactly claim it?
Any help would be MUCHO they say in Spain.
I claimed £10 a day IE on JPA following a shoret trip to Cyprus. It is very simple indeed and was paid into my bank within about 4 days. You will have to ask a pay guru to go into the rules for you or look it up yourself in the Army Electronic Library which can be accessed through the Army Net
I have looked through the army library and it doesnt tell me much in there, there must be a pay guru who know s the rules of how to claim it when you can claim it how long for ect, i know on the old system you used to claim IE after your temp absence. Can someone give me a full run down of claiming. Am i right in thinking that a copy of my temp duty station mess bill is enough evidence to claim?

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