How to choose a Regiment?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kellybus, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. Has anybody got any insight or any advice for me, I'm trying to figure out which Regiment to apply for.. Currently looking at RIR and PWRR but looking for some more information on these and other regiments before I make up my mind.. (PS. Can't do visits right now, living in the ROI.) Sorry if there is already a thread for this, please point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way.
  2. why the PWRR?? your from the ROI... did realise they had a large irish community
  3. If you are irish probably be most at home in the Royal Irish or the Irish Guards. The Parachute Regiment has a good mix of lads. Naturally I'd recommend the Guards pal.
  4. Not particularly bothered about the make-up of the Regiment in itself, I don't think I will have a problem settling in anywhere, good sense of humor, out going... think I could take a good bit of banter of you brits..
  5. Well in my opinion most line regiments are much the same as each other and full of
    Local lads from
    Their respective recruitment areas... If you are not looking for the makeup what are you looking for?
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  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Normally people choose regiments on the basis of (a) Geography - it's the local regiment, (b) family association (Grandfather/Father/Uncle/Brother/Cousins served) or (c) they have mates in the regiment.

    The same sort of thinking can lie in the manner in which some Corps send their recruits to regiments (eg RA have the Welsh Gunners, the Lancashire and Cumbrian Gunners etc) but that isn't hard and fast these days they'll send soldiers where they're needed.

    As for yourself, Irish infantry regiments are RIR and Irish Guards, there's no reason why you shouldn't apply for PWRR but you might find yourself a little lonely.
  7. If its a good physical challenge you are after, there's the parachute regiment. If you are a bit mental and fancy having to live up to century's of tradition and high standards and stag on outside palaces every now and then there's the guards. Or if you fancy both you can join the guards and do p-coy and go to the guards para platoon
  8. I guess you are right most regiments will basically be the same.. when I said I'm not bothered of the make up I meant If they were English Scottish or Welsh regiments I don't really mind.. I'm still really in the dark about everything even though I've been doing a lot of research..
  9. Every regiment has mix. Personally I'd highly recommend the guards, most likely the Irish as your Irish, but look at the other 4 if you like. I'd also look into the parachute regiment, as much as I hate to admit it they have some quality lads and are good at what they do. Apart from the guards and paras all other regiments, in my opinion are all pretty similar in what they do and how they do things.
  10. I would advise that you go for one of your "local" regiments that recruit from your area. These are the places where you'll probably feel more at home as you're more likely to have something in common with the other blokes.

    There are also the roles of the different regiments and their battalions. Would you prefer to work in a light role, mechanised, armoured, air assault or commando unit?

    I know you said you've been researching but this site gives a brief outline of what the different roles involve:
    Our role - British Army Website
  11. Am I wrong in assuming The Irish guards do a lot of parading and stuff like that? I don't think I would favor that.. maybe I totally off target but I thought I read that somewhere..

    Few more quick questions: My father told me as an Irish Citizen in the British army I would have the choice whether or not to go on a tour in Northern Ireland... I have suspicions on the validity of his information it's not really a big deal to me but if somebody who knew could clear it up for me..
  12. The Irish Guards do take take part in ceremonial duties, though they swap roles with the Coldstream Guards every few year, I'm not sure of the exact time they spend in either Windsor or Aldershot. Ceremonial aren't as bad as you'd think, especially when you're only doing them for a couple of years.
  13. Judging by your response to Parading & ceremonial Duties I would suggest you research into the RIR rather than the Irish Gds, however do not be put off from the Guards as all Units would have had some element of this type of work at some point,

    Local geography/recruitment is amongst many reasons some chose their regiment, family ties, friends and the History of the regiment of choice are also other factors.
  14. Join RIR, you will save a fortune pooling cars when you go home on leave/weekends.
  15. I was really forward to getting over to England ideally, I want to have a good look at my options before I choose RIR, and I don't think the Irish Guards are for me.. maybe I am just young and naive and the RIR really would be the most practical regiment for me to join.. Is there anybody in a regiment currently that could have a quick chat on PM about it? Also thanks to all who have taken time to reply, Duly respect everybody's opinion on here.