How to calculate a medical pension

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by themaadone, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. I am being medically discharged after receiving an injury whilst on duty. Several months at Headley Court and nearly two years of further treatment has left the Army no other option but to discharge me as medically unfit.

    I had a visit from the SAM team (Sickness, Abscence & Monitoring team) on Tuesday who told me that by their paperwork the (medical) board had sat and it was now a paper chase game to APC and back to my admin office (3 to 6 months).

    Searched the Forums to no avail (although some interesting facts were found about eating pies).

    My questions:

    1 - How is a medical pension calculated?

    2 - The VA also pay a pension, how is this calculated?

    3 - Why do they not include you into the board meeting??

    I will be contacting the VA at some stage but would like to have some heads up prior to that phone call/

    If service details are needed for any calculations please PM me....

  2. Me,

    I gave a rough answer to a similar question here:

    Half Pension thread

    I still have the tables if your rank and service differ wildly from that stated.

    Any answer will be rough as it is the VA that makes the decision.

  3. First thing to do is to contact your local IERO for some Resettlement advice in advance of getting the letter from APC about your discharge date.
    Also have a look at the resettlement web site at
  4. Thank you codger - resettlement is well under way, at least one thing they have really torn an arm out to get done for me!
  5. If you get a MD, you will get the pension of your rank/time serve 'eg' Sgt/SSgt with 20years service £768per mouth, £9,216. This is tax until the MOD/Veterans Agency says that the injuries are attributable to service, then it becomes Tax free.

    You should then get some more money from the MOD. As you get near to your last days you will get a letter from the Veterans Agency, asking you to fill out there questionnair Ref: all your injuries, put all of them down (get a copy of your med/docs 'KNOW', all of them in your F/med 4 not just the read out) before thy are sent to the VA, this will give you heads up to all your injuries over the years.

    After you are out a Dr from the VA will come round to do a medical assessment on you, He/she will ask all the 'Q' under the sun. 3-6 mouths after the med you will get a War pension (only if your injuries are attributable to service) 'eg' its got to be over 20% to get a weekly pension, if under you get a one off payout.

    Donot get your hope's up with the VA & there War pension YOU have to be nearly dead to get a decent pension of them, 20% gets about £26.00, 30% gets about £36.00per week.

    If you have been on / still on the Y-list you need to get a copy of F/Med 1017: MOD Incapacity Benefit Pre-Qualification Data Report. This is for the Job centre when you get out, this will get you the full incapacity benefit if you are not looking for work right away.

    Best of luck
  6. Quick word to the wise, which I tell to anyone who is thinking of going to the VA for a medical pension of any sort: make sure you get a photocopy of all of your FMed4. You wouldn't be the first bloke to have key bits of it go missing, right before you go in front of the medical board that decides your degree of disability. Hopefully, this sort of thing doesn't happen these days, but it certainly has in the past.

    Best of luck.