How to blouse Mtp trousers over boots?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by pointboy, May 24, 2013.

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  1. Ok well I don't know where to post this because I'm still getting used to this forum but ii need to know how do I blouse my mtp trousers over my boots? I got told by a corpral in recruitment that you need to have you trouses bloused( well didn't say bloused but showed me his and said like that) well how do I do it? They never told me how to blouse them they only told me how to iron my combat shirt and that you iron out the crease out of the front of your trousers because you don't have a crease on them any more but didn't say how to blouse my trousers, so how do I blouses my trousers over my boots?
  2. Schaden

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    Don't forget to add large dog flea collars to avoid the dread noonoo crawling up your strides!
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  3. air-nail-staple-gun-50mm-40mm-capacity-38905-p.jpg
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  4. I had no idea where to post this so i posted it in two places as I'm new to the site and thanks for the help now. Need to know where I can get twists
  5. Answered on the other thread. You may well find that guys at the drill hall will know where you can get them locally
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  6. Most ATRs and regular units have a NAAFI who sell twisters.
  7. Mr Stabley McWeekend is TA
  8. HHH

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    Here for one place;

    Search results for: 'twisters'
  9. Any Army Surplus shop. Or get thick elastic bands. Or take about 15" of elastic and knot the ends together. Or do the same with shock cord, available at B&Q.

    Note that it's 15:55 on Sunday. By the time you get to a shop, it will be shut. Go tomorrow (don't bother with the surplus shops, they'll be closed - it's a Bank Holiday - but you might get lucky if there's a market somewhere).
  10. I've got one in my sock-drawer that he can have.
  11. If you go diving, you can get bends.