How to beat your wife

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Virgil, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Well that's cleared a few things up.
  2. Lots of other stuff, just not the face.

    It's about time they got out of the 15th century.
  3. Well I feel better for knowing how to assault a woman.

    What planet is that t*ss3R of a cleric on????

  4. Assuming all translation is correct?

    Well, then, he can try it out on me and see what happens. :evil:
  5. Good god, that surely is not a true translation. That has to be a wind-up?
  6. Have I just woken up on another planet or in a fcuking timewarp????
    I'd like to see him try that with some of the gentle ladies in my manor.
    They'd feed him his bollox in a kebab.
    Don't ask me where they'd put the chilli sauce!
  7. I thought it was very informative.

    I've often wondered how to do it without bruising showing. Dark glasses are soooo 1980s. I think I'll concentrate on her mid section from now on.
  8. Working the rump is ideal solution also, flashy. Always covered too, she may want to bare her mid-section in certain atire.
  9. You'll cry, scream, bleed a little then fall unconcious.
  10. I've got a hose pipe filled with gravel in the shed (a tip I learned from Uncle Saddam ;)). It works wonders.

    Take your point ref the midrif but the only time that is exposed is when she's bench pressing a Jag back axle. The rump in no good because she just thinks it's a bedroom game.

    I'll stick to the back of my hand across the temple. She can wear a balaclava when out getting my dinner.
  11. Wrong...according to this guy, I shouldn't lose any blood.
  12. What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

    Nothing, shes been told twice already!
  13. If he hits you and you bleed, its his fault. If he hits you and you don't bleed but subsequently fall on the corner of a table and bleed, it's your fault. You should have been more careful when falling over.