How to beat your wife

Lots of other stuff, just not the face.

It's about time they got out of the 15th century.
Well I feel better for knowing how to assault a woman.

What planet is that t*ss3R of a cleric on????

Assuming all translation is correct?

Well, then, he can try it out on me and see what happens. :evil:


Have I just woken up on another planet or in a fcuking timewarp????
I'd like to see him try that with some of the gentle ladies in my manor.
They'd feed him his bollox in a kebab.
Don't ask me where they'd put the chilli sauce!
I thought it was very informative.

I've often wondered how to do it without bruising showing. Dark glasses are soooo 1980s. I think I'll concentrate on her mid section from now on.
Working the rump is ideal solution also, flashy. Always covered too, she may want to bare her mid-section in certain atire.
I've got a hose pipe filled with gravel in the shed (a tip I learned from Uncle Saddam ;)). It works wonders.

Take your point ref the midrif but the only time that is exposed is when she's bench pressing a Jag back axle. The rump in no good because she just thinks it's a bedroom game.

I'll stick to the back of my hand across the temple. She can wear a balaclava when out getting my dinner.
Badger_Heed said:
TankiesYank said:
Assuming all translation is correct?

Well, then, he can try it out on me and see what happens. :evil:

You'll cry, scream, bleed a little then fall unconcious.

Wrong...according to this guy, I shouldn't lose any blood.
If he hits you and you bleed, its his fault. If he hits you and you don't bleed but subsequently fall on the corner of a table and bleed, it's your fault. You should have been more careful when falling over.
I suppose that they're not even allowed Stella.....

From what I've seen when in Saudi, this guy is a left - wing commie.
This is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No mention of hob nail boots!

No mention of a heaviy studded leather belt!!

No mention of auto asphyxiation!!

Muslims are f[/b]ucking fannies !!

No propper bird loves her bloke unless she is sporting the "love token" of a black eye administered during some "heavy petting"

cking homos


Moodybitch said:
Good muslim wives wear Burkha's...who's going to know how bad you've beaten them?
Why, Allah of course.

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