How to be a presumptious prat in one easy lesson - cpunk!

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Being a moderator is a difficult job and like refs the world over cant possibly get every decision right, having to balance the desire of individuals to express their feelings with the interests of the wider community.

This is not some way out internet forum with no identity but is linked, however indirectly, to the British armed forces so if a mod makes a decision with that in mind I think they can be forgiven for erring on the side of caution.

To Bugsy I would say, OK mate you have had a long thread on the subject and have vented your displeasure, its noted, but lets leave it at that in the interests of the wider community, move on and get over to the Army Miss UK thread
Fuck me, not another 'the mods are really nasty to me and are culling my freedom of speach' bollox.

Yet another head victim shouting the odds at being unfairly treated.

Take your mongness to

Frenchcunt is waiting for you I believe.
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