How to be a presumptious prat in one easy lesson - cpunk!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. So the thread ended with this post from this obnoxious cünt:
    Isn't it good to know that folks like cpunk are around to show us when we've reached the limits?

    After all, he's a MOD, and we all very aware that they know absolutely everything there is to know, don't we?

    So quite apart from the delusional cspunk, was anybody else interested in continuing with the thread originally started by LISpace on the collapses of 9/11? I know I'd like to continue with the thread, if only for its politeness and sobriety.

    Notwithstanding cspunk and his drunken rantings, can we have the thread reopened, please?

  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Poke it, liar.
  4. Well, that does seem to be a very grown up attitude.......
  5. I can see where he's coming from, there are several 9/11 threads, each going on 60 pages.

    Has it got anywhere?
  6. I can see where he's coming from too, Mark, and it's not what you think. The very fact that so many folks have contributed to the thread means that there are a lot of concerns to be addressed.

    But we get this self-important twät declaring that his opinion the only valid one and unilaterally closing a thread that was very interesting. He's only a MOD! He's only supposed to clock that folks play the game on threads, not decide what's discussed and for how long or to what extent.

    That's the problem when you hand any kind of power like this to folks who can't handle it; you get situations like this.

  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just a personal thought, of course, this is the British Army Rumour Service, not "tinfoil hats-r-us". Aren't there special places on the 'net for nutters to discuss their ravings about 9/11, Kennedy assasinations (various), Princess Di car crash, moon landings, alien abductions, etc?

    Why, I believe there are.

    So, please, why don't you FECK OFF from here, jout monomaniacal nutjobs.
  8. o ffs!, the 9/11 thread was getting more troll and droll every page, the never ending and recirculation of the same deluded rhetoric was giving me a migraine.
    rational discussion? 'death beams?' 'dustification?' the 'truthers' are as fukin insane as the blokes who hijacked and flew the planes into the buildings in the first place.

    to the hole.
  9. Too true, OldSnowy, there are any number of sites for such discussions, but why should/would that exclude them from being discussed on ARRSE?

  10. About 6 of us, on a regular basis, not exactly queuing at the doors and I had sacked it because I was really fed up of going around in circles.

    Anyway more disturbing is why CPUNK keeps cows in his house

    F*cking weirdo
  11. OldSnowy, you do have a point, but alos, there are dozens of sites for almost all the crap that gets discussed on here, should they all be closed as well?
  12. Is it just me, or has there been a lot of MOD bashing recently?
  13. Bugsy:

    It's not a debate, it's the same lies and refutations repeated as nauseum. The only reason that the refutations continue is that the same disproved claptrap keeps coming up time and again.

    There isn't a magic number of repetitions that make it true.
  14. Neither having been party to the original thread, and the assault on the moderator, I now feel compelled to interceed.

    1.. The whole 9/11 building collapse scenario was disputed at lenght in the US federal courts, in particular regard to sympathetic building collapse.

    Not only did the Federal court pass judgement on the cause of the collapse, in an insurance related liability claim, my learned frineds are still living off their annual bonus from the year the judgement was passed.

    In a professional capacity, a large team of expert witnesses from Weildinger Associates was called in to produce post-strike analysis calulations. These were critical in the judgement in favour of the builders of the twin-towers.

    so the conspiracy has not only subverted the US legal profession ( possible) but a large international civil engineering house, answerable to an international board, perhaps?

    Consult with figure 1 on page 13 Here. My view is that you are outside the cone of plausibility.

    2. As a long-standing Arrse subsciber, I am extremely uncomfortable with any topic that places the Arrse community in the "Tin Foil Hat" arena. This could be used by some journalists to undermine our credibility. There are many other places to discuss such matters, I invite you to join co-conspiritors over there. I am struggling to see how discussion regarding a "conspiracy" about the origin of 9/11, has a direct baring on the cut and thust of daily life in the British Army.

    Could I invite other Arrsers to post their views below?
  15. Well said subbsonic.
    ARRSE is not the correct forum for debates(?) of this nature.
    I will assume that, like myself,people log into ARRSE for light relief,a laugh or to veiw topics that directly affect their world or Army connection in whatever form that takes.
    Global conspiricies are generally not on the radar

    Now can we get back to some basic sexist debauchery
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